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Welcome to the Science and Math Education Center and Peterson Planetarium!

Photo of Planetarium Peterson Planetarium has provided quality programming since 1959 for Emporia State University and the greater Emporia/Lyon County community. The Peterson Planetarium is located in Cram Science Hall on the Emporia State University campus. The Peterson Planetarium is administered through the Departments of Physical Sciences with funds provided by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Programming at the Peterson Planetarium serves a variety of community and University audiences. About 50 percent of the programs are presented for the interest and enjoyment of community groups. School-age children from the Emporia area and surrounding counties represent the largest group of off-campus patrons of planetarium programming. About 50 percent of planetarium programs are for direct support of instruction in several courses in the physical sciences.

2014 Renovation of the Planetarium - Nearly Complete!!

Duties for the director of the Science & Math Education Center include Peterson Planetarium.  After a long year of trying to keep the unpredictable, failing equipment repaired, we received funding support in May from Emporia State University!  These funds allowed us to  upgrade the planetarium by choosing Ash Enterprise  to make it happen using a Spherical Mirror System for video shows. Workers were here in October 2014 and back in November for some electrical improvements. 

We are still waiting on video shows we ordered.  This is a two-fold process before we can display a show on the dome.  First, lease agreements must be signed with the different companies and planetariums providing the shows.  Second, for planetarium video shows fit our dome, Ash Enterprises will run the dome masters through Meshmapper software process that changes fisheye video to spherical mirror.

For a summary of Peterson Planetarium, past and present, visit our special events page, and coming soon will be a listing of our new video show selections. Nearly all construction is completed, and we are now learning our capabilities with our new equipment and programming!  Grand opening is coming in January with the beginning of a new year and spring semester! 


1997 Renovation of the Planetarium

Planetarium projectorOn December 3, 1994 the planetarium and instruments, including the original Spitz Model A-2 star projector, were severely damaged when a main water line on campus ruptured. The water traveled through utility tunnels and flooded the planetarium chamber, which was at the lowest level. A State of Kansas General Building Fund allocation of $500,000 provided funds for the planetarium's restoration, and the Peterson Planetarium was completely renovated during 1996. A reopening dedication occurred in January, 1997.

Planetarium The restored planetarium is designed for a variety of programming. The main instrument is a Spitz System 512planetarium projection system, housed under a 24-foot projection dome. The main projector is supported by a video projection system and a stereophonic sound system. The automation system was upgraded in 2007 to an ATM-4 system developed and installed by Spitz, Incorporated.

Last Updated 2014-11-25