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Department of Physical Sciences

Faculty Photo Directory

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Chemistry Faculty

Malonne Davies
Diane Nutbrown
Dr. Malonne Davies

Dr. Andrew Miller

Kim Simons
 Eric Trump  

Dr. Kim Simons

 Dr. Eric Trump  

Earth Science Faculty

Jim Aber
Mike Morales
Marcia Schulmeister
Dr. Michael Morales
Dr. Marcia Schulmeister
Rich Sleezer
Ken Thompson
Dr. Richard Sleezer
Dr. Kenneth Thompson

Physics Faculty

DeWayne Backhus
Jorge Ballester
Bob Jones

Dr. DeWayne Backhus

Dr. Jorge Ballester


Part-time or Full-time Lecturers

Suzy Aber
 Alivia Allison Dr. Christine Morales
Dr. Susan Aber
(Director of Science and Math Education Center and Peterson Planetarium)
Ms. Alivia Allison
(Earth Science)
Dr. Christine Morales