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The James F. Dorine D. Harter Office of International Education offers an International Summer Program featuring combined English language instruction as well as the introduction to American culture. Basic program components include:

Application process for International Summer Program is different from the regular students.
Please call (620) 341-5374 or email for more information.

Program Assistants

yukii Yukii Hoshino

Hi everyone! I am Yukii. I am a Graduate Assistant for International Summer Program Operation at the Office of International Education. This is my second year working for the program. 
I have received my Bachelor’s degree in Communication in Fall 2013. I am currently working on my Master’s degree in Instructional Design & Technology.
My primary task is to oversee the program from the office, and I team up with two Program Assistants (PAs) to make sure everyone’s needs are met. I am going to be taking care of planning and logistics, but I will also join you in some activities and trips.

I am excited to have you all this summer! See you soon! 

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