Faculty and Staff 2014-2015

Catherine Bergman flute, flute ensemble, sight singing/ ear training
Allan Comstock  Chair, music history, double reeds
Martín Cuéllar piano, piano pedagogy
Tracy Freeze percussion
Melinda Groves group piano
Andrew Houchins music theory, composition, digital audio recording
Susan Mayo cello instructor
Dawn McConkie music education, single reeds, chamber winds, clarinet choir, saxophone ensemble and quartet, music appreciation
Ramiro Miranda interim professor of violin/viola and conducting 
Anna Ryan voice, music appreciation
Penelope Speedie Director of Opera Theatre, voice
Gaile Stephens Assistant Professor of Music Education
Robert Ward Director of Choral Activities 
Scott Wichael Voice
William Woodworth IV Director of Athletic Bands, low brass
Gary Ziek Director of Bands, trumpet, conducting, jazz
Terrisa Ziek music education, horn


Graduate Assistants

Spring 2015

Fernando Cartagena coordinating stage manager, recording engineer supervisor, computer lab
Bailey Stines basic music, assisting with Marching band 
Lina Sue group piano, accompanying