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Wind Ensemble

Dr. Gary Ziek, Director

The Emporia State University Wind Ensemble is a 60 member group, consisting of the university’s premiere wind players and percussionists. The group has recently performed the music of composers such as Vincent Persichetti, Dmitri Shostakovich, William Schumann and Eric Whitacre. The Wind Ensemble has released two compact discs, Rituals of Fire and Racing With the Sun, featuring the music of ESU composers.

Seating auditions take place in September of the Fall semester. Information will be posted on the band bulletin board in Beach Music Hall. 

Course: Symphonic Wind Ensemble
Course Number: MU 316 A
Rehearsals: Fall MTWR; 3 - 3:50 pm (beginning 9th week of semester)
Spring MTWR; 3 - 3:50 pm

Room Number: Beach Hall 134



Marching Band

Emporia State Marching Hornets

Dr. Gary Ziek, Director of Bands, Interim Marching Band Director

As a member of one of the most outstanding performance groups on campus, you will be carrying on many ESU traditions of high standards, excellence, and pride. The Emporia Marching Hornets consists of students from virtually every department on campus. With this unique diversity and campuswide enthusiasm, we can achieve incredible levels of success. The environment at Emporia State University and in the EMH will challenge you to reach beyond your potential.

Our common goal is to provide you with an incredibly fun-filled, productive, efficient, and exciting atmosphere. In the EMH, you will be asked to consistently strive for excellence and achieve high standards while having so much fun you may never recover. It will be your hard work and dedication to the high standards that enable the EMH to maintain successes of the past and achieve new levels of success in the upcoming season. As a member of this organization, your individual efforts will determine what we can achieve as a whole.

The EMH is a great opportunity to meet people, to continue playing your instrument, develop leader skills, and be a part of a long-standing tradition at Emporia State University. In addition, there are scholarships for EMH participants that increase in amount each year of participation.

Marching Band Camp starts a week before classes begin. Color Guard and the Drumline have a 3-day pre-camp prior to the full band camp. The Band rehearses on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 3 to 5 throughout the football season (refer to schedule below). The EMH doesn't require an audition, but during the pre-camp, members will be listened to and watched for placement in sections.

Emporia Marching Hornets in action!

Course: Marching Band
Course Number: MU 245 A / MU 645 A
Rehearsals: MWF; 3 - 5 pm (first eight weeks of Fall semester)
M 4 - 5 pm, W 4 - 5 pm, F 3 - 5 pm (second eight weeks of Fall Semester. Until conclusion of season)
Room Number: Beach Hall 134



Hornet Revue

Dr Gary Brattin, Director

The Emporia State Hornet Revue is a select band of 13-15 musicians that has developed into the most versatile, high-energy, well-known musical group on campus. Student leadership and active student group involvement have made this group truly exceptional.

Students in Hornet Revue will gain a broad range of experience playing music in popular styles: Jazz, 80's Rock, 70's Funk, Latin, Hip-hop, 90's Rock, Pop, Disco, and Metal to name a few.  They will also learn to adapt their playing style to different venues: outdoor concerts, arena performances, stage band settings, and professional style recording sessions.

Hornet Revue website

Course: Hornet Revue
Course Number:MU 244 PA
Rehearsals: W; 7 - 8:50 pm
Room Number: Beach Hall 134



Percussion Ensemble

Dr. Tracy Freeze, Director

Percussion ensemble

The ESU Percussion Ensemble is a consortium of musicians which collectively interprets cutting-edge, avant-garde works of the 20th and 21st century. While keeping its eye on repertoire of the past, the ESU Percussion Department is active in commissioning new works for this genre and for hosting premiere performances of new works. 

The percussion ensemble fulfils the chamber music requirements for a musician studying within the percussion program at Emporia State University.

Course: Chamber Music - Percussion Ensemble
Course Number:MU 391 C
Rehearsals: MW; 1 - 2:20 pm
Room Number: Beach Hall 134


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