EMH Band Camp Schedule 2013


Facilities Legend

            Beach Hall Band Room (#134) - BHBR

            Welch Stadium - WS

            Practice Field - PF



Percussion and Color Guard Pre-Camp

Aug. 10th                     1pm                 General Orientation Meeting  (BHBR)                                   

                                    2pm                Percussion Auditions / Color Guard Rehearsal

Aug. 11th - 12th          9am-12pm        Warm-Up/Auditions cont., Technique, Exercises (BHBR)

                                    1:30-4:30        Technique, Music (BHBR & PF)


Leadership Workshop (Drum Majors, Section Leaders, Flag and Stingers Captains only)

Aug. 12th                     10am-12pm     Leadership Workshop (BHBR)

                                    1:30-4:30        Leadership Workshop (BHBR)


EMH Marching Band Camp

Aug. 12th                      5:00pm                        Sign-In / General Orientation Meeting (BHBR)

                                    7:00pm                        Marching Fundamentals (PF/WS)


Aug. 13th                     8:00am                        Instrument Checkout

                                    9:00am                        Music Rehearsal/Guard and Percussion Split (BHBR)

                                    1:30pm-4:30pm           Marching Fundamentals (PF/WS)

                                    6pm-9pm                     Music Rehearsal/Guard and Percussion Split (BHBR)


Aug. 14th-16th              9am-12pm                    Marching Fundamentals/Drill (PF/WS)

                                    1:30pm-4:30pm            Music/Sectionals; Uniform Check-Out (BHBR)

                                    6pm-9pm                     Full Ensemble (BHBR)


Aug. 17th                     9am-12pm                    Marching Fundamentals/Drill (PF)

                                    1:30pm-5:00pm           Full Ensemble (PF/WS)

                                    6:00pm                        EMH Social - Hosted by Tau Beta Sigma/Kappa Kappa Psi


Aug. 18th                      All Day                          Section Activities (TBD)