EMH Band Camp Schedule 2015

Facilities Legend

Beach Hall Band Room (RM 134) – BHBR

Beach Hall Conference Room (RM 107) – BHCONF

Welch Stadium – WS

Practice Field – PF

Athletic Complex Gym D - GymD

Dance Studio in Roosevelt Hall - DSRH

DORM MOVE-IN SCHEDULE: for students that will be living in the dorms:

EVERYONE (Perc, Guard and Winds)                      Move into the dorms August 14th (Sunday) 10 am-12 pm- Tentative

Percussion and Color Guard Pre-Camp (times/locations subject to change as needed)

August 14th (Sunday)                  10am to 12pm      DORM MOVE-IN for ALL ESU Marching Hornet dorm residents

                                                     1pm                    General Orientation Meeting for ONLY Percussion,                                                                                                                                  Color Guard and Leadership in BHBR Room 134                                                                                                                                      Winds not needed at this time

                                                     1:30 - 6:30pm      Percussion Auditions (BH134)

                                                                                Color Guard Rehearsal (Gym D)

                                                                                Leadership Meeting (BHCONF)

                                                                                Winds note needed at this time, but we will see you at 7:00pm

                                                     7:00pm                FULL BAND Pizza Party in Beach Hall Rotunda/BHBR.                                                                                                                             Immediately followed by General Orientation Meeting: BHBR


Ausust 15th - 16th                         9am – noon          Full Winds/Guard/Perc Sectionals: locations TBA

                                                     1:00 – 5:00pm      Sectionals/Uniform Checkout: locations TBA

                                                     6pm - 9pm            Full Winds/Guard/Sectionals: locations TBA

August 17th (Wednesday)            9am – noon           Full Ensemble (Marching Fundamentals): PF, WS 

                                                     1pm - 5:00pm        Sectionals/Uniform Checkout: locations TBA                                           

                                                     6pm - 9pm             Full Ensemble (Fundamentals and Drill): PF, WS

August 18th - 19th                       9am - noon            Winds/Guard/Per - OR - Full Ensemble (TBA): PF, WS

                                                     1pm - 5:00pm        Sectionals/Uniform Checkout: locations TBA

                                                     6pm - 9pm             Full Ensemble (Fundamentals and Drill): PF, WS


August 20th                                  10am - noon          Full Ensemble (Fundamentals and Drill) PF, WS

                                                      1:00pm                 Band BBQ - Location TBA



  • Some days MAY HAVE adjusted schedules due to week of welcome, Department of Music auditions, etc… Other alterations in the schedule are due to changes in field availability, or possibly if we have accomplished all set goals for the rehearsal. This is a template and is subject to change as necessary.


  • It is not normal or acceptable for students to miss the camp rehearsals. However, if a mandatory conflict arises please speak with Dr. Woodworth to make arrangements and fill out the “Absence Form”. Freshman often have brief, mandatory financial aid or course scheduling meetings required during week of welcome. Music majors often have brief auditions. Again, FILL out the Absent Form AFTER speaking with Dr. Woodworth.


  • Students are advised to bring the following items to all camp rehearsals:
    • WATER!!! And lots of it…
    • earplugs
    • hats
    • sunglasses
    • sunscreen
    • unrestrictive, loose athletic style clothing
    • Athletic or Tennis shoes. THIS IS REQUIRED AT ALL REHEARSALS
    • do not show up to rehearsals wearing jeans, toms, or flip - flops


This is a new year, and a new era for the Emporia State Marching Hornets.  Please come to camp ready to work, ready to learn, and ready to represent ESU to the best of our abilities at all times.


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