Meal Plan Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are meal plans?
    Meal plans are prepaid method for accessing dining venues on campus in the Memorial Union. These venues include the Hornets Nest dining hall, Buzzscotti coffee shop, and the Hornet Express (HX). 
  2. What meal plans are available?
    We have four meal plans to choose from; 10 meals, 15 meals, All Access, and a Commuter Plan for off-campus students. 
  3. How much does each plan cost?
    Each plan is a per semester cost. (updated Summer 2015)
    All Access: $1734
    15 Block: $1691
    10 Block: $1400
    Commuter Plan: $500
  4. How do the meal plans work?
    The 10 and 15 meal plans use a block system for meals. This block system allows for 10 or 15 entries per week into the Hornets Nest dining hall. The student is able to use these swipes to grant access for themselves, friends, or family. The blocks reset every Friday morning before breakfast. Each block can be used to purchase a combo in the HX and Buzzscotti. Each station offers several different options for combos. Please see the venues for combo choices. 
  5. Can I use my meal plan in a retail venue and the dining hall in the same meal period?
    With the 10 and 15 block plans you may only use them in one location per meal period. You may go into the Hornets Nest and return to the Hornets Nest in the same meal period, but once you've swiped in the Hornets Nest, you cannot get a combo in the HX or Buzzscotti until the next meal period. Also, you may only use one swipe in the retail locations per meal period and once you use it, you need to wait until the next period to enter the Hornets Nest. With the All Access and Commuter plans, you have no restrictions.
  6. What is All Access?
    The All Access plan allows you unlimited access to the Hornets Nest Dining hall during regular hours. The All Access plan also includes 25 Bonus Meals per semester. These bonus meals can be used to bring a guest into the Hornets Nest with you or used to purchase a combo in the dining retail venues. 
  7. What is the Commuter Plan?
    This plan is for off campus students, faculty, or staff. It is $500 per semester and gives 75 meals to be used in the Hornets Nest over the entire semester. These blocks can also be used to purchase a combo at the retail locations.
  8. I live on Campus, do I have to have a meal plan?
    Yes. The plan options for on campus students are the 10 Block, 15 Block, and All Access.
  9. Are there any options other than purchasing a meal plan?
    Yes. You can load Hornet Bucks on your Hornet Card that can be used in any of the food venues or the Memorial Union Bookstore.
  10. Is there a difference between Hornet Bucks and Declining Balance?
    No. Hornet Bucks is the name we call the Declining Balance account.
  11. How does Hornet Bucks work?
    First, you visit the ID Office to activate the Hornet Bucks feature and deposit your initial balance. It is requested that you make a minimum deposit of $25 initially. Then, you go use the card at any of the food services locations or the bookstore as you would a debit or credit card. You also receive a 10% discount in the food venues and in the Bookstore (excluding textbooks.)
  12. How can I load Hornet bucks on my Hornet Card?
    You can come into the ID Office and load it with cash, check, or credit/debit card. You can also load it over the phone with a credit card by calling the ID Office at 620-341-5859. If you are a benefits eligible employee, you have the option of having an amount deducted by payroll and deposited on your Hornet Card each paycheck.