ID Frequently Asked Questions

Address and Contact Information
ID Office
Memorial Union
1 Kellogg Circle
Box 4066
Emporia, KS 66801
Phone: 620-341-5859

What is the ID called?
The Hornet Card

When can I get my Hornet Card?
As a new student, you will receive your new Hornet Card during a Hornet Connection. If you do not attend a Hornet Connection, you may come into the ID Office once you are registered as an active student. Faculty and Staff can get their Hornet Card once the ID Office receives notification from Human Resources of their employment. 

What Identification is required to receive a Hornet Card?
You will need your E Number (student or employee ID number) and a valid Government Issued picture ID.

What do I use my Hornet Card for?
~ Meal Plan usage
~ Textbook purchases and rentals
~ Access to the Student Recreation Center
~ Access to Residential Complexes if living on Campus
~ Checking out Library materials
~ Making purchases with Hornet Bucks
~ Attending ESU athletic events for free during the regular season
~ Obtaining your official ESU records, including your official transcript
~ Identification on campus

What are Hornet Bucks?
Hornet Bucks are the name we call the declining balance accounts. This is money loaded on the Hornet Card to be used in the retail locations.

How can I add Hornet Bucks to my Hornet Card?
You can add money by cash, check, or debit/credit card at the ID Office in Union Services in the Memorial Union. You may also call the ID Office at 620-341-5859 with the student ID number and put money on the Hornet Card with a Credit Card.

What is the cost of my ID?
All IDs are $18. The only exception would be replacing an ID that is not functional or damaged through normal use. If the ID has been damaged because of negligence, such as using it as an ice scraper, the replacement fee applies.

How do I get a replacement ID?
Replacement IDs are available during regular business hours in the ID Office. The replacement cost is $18. To streamline the replacement process, please have your student ID number ready. 

What do I do if I lost my ID?
First, call the ID Office at 620-341-5859 and report it lost or stolen. Lost IDs are returned to the ID Office. Staff can check for IDs in lost and found.  If the ID is not found, we can de-activate the lost card to prevent usage. If the ID is not found, visit the ID Office to get a replacement for $18. You may use the saved photo if it fairly represents your current appearance, or you may replace the photo with a new camera shot.

How do I get an ID if I am a distance student?
~ An Identity Statement would need to be completed through either the Graduate School or Distance Education Office
~ The student will provide a digital photo and student information
~ The student will need to pay for the ID before it is sent
~ Once payment is received, the ID will be shipped to the address on file in the student information system. Note: If the student wishes for the ID to be sent to a different address, they would need to change their official address with the Registration Office

I left the University for a while and now I am back. Do I still have to pay for a replacement Hornet Card?
All replacement IDs, except for wear and tear replacements, are $18. However, if you still have your original Hornet Card, we can activate it upon enrollment. Also, if you attend a Hornet Connection to enroll, you can get a new ID as part of that process.

How can I get the money off of my Hornet Card without spending it?
If the balance is less than $5, no refund is available. Please spend the balance in one of the retail locations. For amounts greater than $5, come to the ID Office and fill out a refund request form. The balance will be refunded in the form of a check, usually within 2 business days.

What happens to my Hornet Bucks at the end of the semester or when I graduate?
Hornet Bucks stay on your Hornet Card over each semester and after you graduate. After 3 years of innactivity on the card, the funds are concidered abandoned and removed from the account. It is the responsibility of the card holder to request the balance to be refunded.

Any further questions can be directed to the
ID Office @ 620-341-5859
Assistant Director of Business Operations
@ 620-341-5901