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Department of Mathematics and Economics


The minor in mathematics will provide the interested student with an opportunity to acquire some minimal skills in mathematical problem solving which may be applied to other disciplines. A minor in mathematics consists of the following 19-hour program in mathematics.

Required Courses (13 hours):

MA 161 Calculus I 5 hours

MA 262 Calculus II 5 hours

MA 240 Discrete Mathematics 3 hours


MA 322 Introduction to Linear Algebra3 hours

Electives (Select 6 hours):

CS 220 Introduction to Computer Science 3 hours


CS 260 Programming & Problem Solving 3 hours

MA 240 Discrete Mathematics* 3 hours

MA 263 Calculus III 3 hours

MA 291 Mathematical Modeling 3 hours

MA 322 Introduction to Linear Algebra* 3 hours

MA 335 Differential Equations I 3 hours

MA 380 Probability and Statistics 3 hours

* If not counted as a required course