The Master of Science in Mathematics Program

The Master of Science program in mathematics at Emporia State University provides an excellent preparation for a number of possible objectives. Some graduates of the program obtain academic appointments in community colleges or find employment in business and industry. Others have continued their education by pursuing a doctorate degree at another institution. The program is flexible and allows course selections to emphasize any of the areas of mathematics, applied mathematics, statistics, computer science and mathematics education. It is now possible to complete the program online.

Whatever the choice, the Department of Mathematics, Computer Science and Economics at ESU is committed to providing individual attention and personal contact to assist our students in the pursuit of their goals.

Online Program

For those who are unable to come to campus it is possible to complete the program online. For more information about this see Frequently Asked Questions about our online Master's program.

Financial Aid

Each year the Department employs a number of graduate students as teaching assistants. These assistants are typically responsible for teaching two courses of undergraduate mathematics each semester. Because assistants are given sole responsibility for their classes, the assistantships can provide valuable experience for those who will later be seeking academic employment. In addition to a salary, the graduate teaching assistants receive a tuition waiver, paying only the activities fee.

For those students who do not qualify for a graduate teaching assistantship, there is available a competitively selected, merit-based scholarship of $500 per semester for the first year in the program.

For further details about the assistantships and scholarship award, please contact the graduate advisor Dr. Joe Yanik.


The application for admission to the graduate program should be sent to the graduate office.

Applicants must also submit transcripts of all previous college work to the graduate office.

To be admitted unconditionally to the graduate program, the applicant must have completed 24 hours of undergraduate mathematics, including at least two semesters of calculus and one semester of proof-based mathematics.

Degree Requirements

Students receiving the Master of Science degree in mathematics must have successfully completed at least one course in each of the following areas: Algebra, Analysis, and Statistics/Applied Mathematics. In addition, three additional hours must be chosen from two of these areas. No more than six hours of graduate work can be counted from outside the mathematical sciences and this is subject to the approval of the graduate committee. Students in this degree program can select either a thesis option or a non-thesis option. Available graduate level courses.

For further information, contact:

Graduate Office
Emporia State University
Emporia, KS 66801 USA

Dr. Chad Wiley, Graduate Advisor
Division of Mathematics, Computer Science and Economics
Emporia State University
Emporia, KS 66801 USA