Bachelor of Science Mathematics Major

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The Bachelor of Science degree with a major in mathematics is recommended for the student desiring considerable specialization in mathematics. Courses selected according to the student's objective will prepare him/her for employment as a mathematician in industry or government, in the fields of science, engineering, computers, statistics, business, economics, and actuarial science.

See Liberal Arts and Sciences general education requirements in the General Education section of the undergraduate catalog.

Required Core Courses (35 hours):
MA 125Introduction to Mathematics1 hour
MA 161Calculus I*5 hours
MA 240Discrete Mathematics3 hours
MA 262Calculus II5 hours
MA 263Calculus III3 hours
MA 322Introduction to Linear Algebra3 hours
MA 380Probability and Statistics3 hours
MA 425Abstract Algebra3 hours
MA 735Advanced Calculus I3 hours
Select one of the following (3 hours):
MA 130Problem Solving with Computers3 hours
CS 260Programming & Problem Solving3 hours
Select one of the following (3 hours):
MA 291Mathematical Modeling3 hours
MA 731Statistics Using SAS3 hours
Additional Required Courses (12 hours):
Select two of the following (3 hours each):
MA 335Differential Equations I
MA 734Complex Variables
CS 760Numerical Analysis
CS 762Optimization Techniques
CS 765Numerical Linear Algebra
Select two of the following (3 hours each):
MA 728Vector Spaces
MA 736Advanced Calculus II
MA 740Number Theory
MA 741Group Theory
MA 742Ring Theory
MA 743Field Theory
Electives (3 hours each):
MA 291Mathematical Modeling
MA 715Topology
CS 315Java Programming
MA 727Groups, Rings, and Fields
MA 335Differential Equations I
MA 728Vector Spaces
CS 340Algorithms and Data Structures I
MA 733Mathematical Statistics II
CS 345Algorithms and Data Structures II
MA 734Complex Variables
MA 421College Geometry
MA 736Advanced Calculus II
CS 501Advanced Computer Programming
MA 740Number Theory
MA 532Mathematical Statistics I
MA 760Numerical Analysis
CS 542Discrete Structures
MA 762Optimization Techniques
CS 552Principles of Software Engineering
MA 763Simulation Techniques
CS 555Principles of Computer Organization
MA 764Regression Analysis
CS 561System Programming
MA 765Numerical Linear Algebra
MA 591Topics in Mathematics
MA 791Topics in Mathematics
CS 557Operating Systems

*A student not sufficiently prepared for MA 161 may be required to take MA 160 (Functions of Calculus) first. In addition to the required courses above, students are encouraged to consult with their advisor about selecting additional courses from computer science, mathematics, statistics, business, accounting, economics, physics, biology, and chemistry in order to complete the 70 hour major.