The student desiring to be a mathematician who is well educated in the broad liberal arts tradition should take a 32 hour major in mathematics for the degree Bachelor of Arts. Upon graduation, this student will be extremely well prepared to pursue a graduate degree in mathematics or a related area, or to enter a job situation requiring versatility rather than specialization.

Required Courses (32 hours):

MA 125 Introduction to Mathematics 1 hour

MA 161 Calculus I 5 hours

MA 240 Discrete Mathematics 3 hours

MA 262 Calculus II 5 hours

MA 263 Calculus III 3 hours

MA 322 Introduction to Linear Algebra 3 hours

MA 380 Probability & Statistics 3 hours

MA 425 Abstract Algebra 3 hours

MA 735 Advanced Calculus I 3 hours

MA 727 Groups, Rings, & Fields


MA 728 Vector Spaces 3 hours


MA 736 Advanced Calculus II

Required Second Program of Study:

The student is required to complete a second program of study from 15 to 30 hours in another discipline of the student’s choice.