This program is a residential week long summer program held every year in June. In 2000, a successful NSF grant proposal provided funds for two years which served to support 48 young women to spend the week on ESU's campus. This allowed more programming time for special events and field trips than a one day conference.

Six undergraduate students with mathematics or science majors were selected to serve both as mentors and as resident hall counselors for MASTER-IT participants. Since 2001, the program has been maintained; however, reduced funding made it necessary to reduce the number of participants to twenty four.

Because of the greater amount of time spent together, the connections made among the participants and the organizers are much richer than those experienced in the one day conferences. This has served to make this effort the most rewarding outreach program for both the young women in MASTER-IT and the organizers. The participants are invited to return to the campus the following year for the spring Expanding Your Horizons conference. Communication among participants also continues throughout the year with email messaging.