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Department of Mathematics and Economics

Brighton Algebra Courses   (MA110, MA098 and MA095)

Brighton Algebra Courses will be using CourseCompass software. It will require the purchase of an access code for login to their website The student access kit can be purchased thru the CourseCompass website or a local bookstore. If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Hollenbeck, director or Susan Adam, coordinator of Brighton.

OVERVIEW: The algebra courses in Brighton Learning Center at Emporia State University use a hands-on computer interactive approach to learning called Course Compass. This gives students access to modern computer technology in addition to their instructor in order to enhance their opportunities for success and to maintain a uniform mode of instruction and evaluation. The instructor is present during class time providing individualized assistance and explanation as needed. Learn more.

Introduction Powerpoint Slideshows: Beginning Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, College Algebra

In order for you to be ready for class on the first day, you will need to purchase a Student Access Kit BEFORE the first class. The kit can be purchased through the MU Bookstore, Textbook Corner, or online at .  This kit contains a single use ACCESS CODE that gives you access to an online textbook, assignments, and other resources for the course. However, for you to be registered in CourseCompass, you must attend class on the first day to receive the Course ID contained in the syllabus given to you by your instructor. You cannot register without both the access code and the course ID, so it is important that you attend class on the first day.

Algebra Placement Criteria

1. If you have successfully completed MA098, OR have an ACT score in mathematics of at least 22, OR obtain at least an 18 on the Placement test, you will be placed in MA110 College Algebra.

2. If you have successfully completed MA095, OR have an ACT score in mathematics of at least 19, OR obtain at least a 13 on the Placement test, you will be placed in MA098 Intermediate Algebra.

3. Otherwise, you will be placed in MA095 Beginning Algebra

We offer an online placement test for the student who may not have a prerequisite or would like to try to promote to the next level. Below is a student guide to prepare for the placement test. When  ready to take the test, you will sign on to Blackboard with your ESU account from Buzzin.

Diagnostic Placement Test Review

Diagnostic Placement Test Review Answers

Instructions for online Placement Test

Syllabi:   MA095 Beginning Algebra      MA098 Intermediate Algebra     MA110 College Algebra

Brighton Policies

Student are responsible for policies concerning

1. classroom behavior
2. make-up of exams and assignments
3. attendance
4. communication