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Department of Mathematics and Economics

Classroom Behavior

a) Students are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful manner. A student may be asked to leave if he/she persists in discussion or activity that disrupts other students´ learning.
b) Students are to be considerate of others. Keep your voice at a low volume. Wear your headphones when listening to the lessons.
c) No food, beverages, or gum will be allowed in the lab. Cell phones and pagers should be on vibrate mode.
d) Before leaving, pick up all your items including headphones and other personal belongings. Remember to log out of the website and close the browser. Chair, keyboard, and mouse should be properly stored.
e) These behaviors also apply to students using the Brighton facility for Math Lab hours.
f) The Brighton lab is for mathematics. Web browsing, gaming, and chatting are prohibited.

Make-up Policy for Exams and Assignments

a) Missed exams and assignments can be made up under the following conditions:
1. University sponsored event documented by a statement from the sponsor
2. Medical Reason documented by your physician
3. Jury Duty or Court Appearance documented by the Court
4. Family Funeral documented by funeral program
5. Documentation for other emergencies should be presented to your instructor ASAP. Dr. Hollenbeck will make the final decision as to the approval of makeup.
b) Arrangements must be made with the instructor in advance whenever possible.
c) The course instructor or Dr. Hollenbeck will have the right to deem a document as unacceptable.
d) Documentation should be presented to your instructor before arranging make-up exams.


a) Students should utilize the Instructor's Office Hours or make prior arrangements for assistance.
b) All class announcements can be found on the CourseCompass website. All individual correspondence will be handled via your ESU email account. It is the responsibility of the student to be informed.


Attendance is expected. It is recommended that students watch the videos before coming to class whenever possible and seek the instructors help during class time to complete the daily activities. All exams must be taken in the classroom at the time your class meets and at the scheduled time of the test. All students are allotted 55 minutes each regular exam. It is our experience that the success rate is high for those students who come to class regularly and seek help from the instructor.

Academic Dishonesty

At all times it is expected that the student will do his or her own work. If there is evidence to the contrary, or the student is caught cheating on an exam, the student could receive a failing grade for the course.


Emporia State University will make reasonable accommodations for persons with documented disabilities. Students need to contact the Director of Disability Services and the professor as early in the semester as possible to ensure that classroom and academic accommodations are implemented in a timely fashion. All communications between students, the Office of Disability Services, and the professor will be strictly confidential.