Please ensure that you have the proper releases for the pictures you use on your departmental pages. All pictures obtained via University Photography already have releases. 

Departmental Homepages

All departmental homepages should have a picture on their homepage clearly representing the activities of that department. The departmental homepage picture or pictures may be selected from University Photography's collection or form your own collection of pictures provided the pictures have all the required releases and meet the required format. 

Single model photo release form: ESUPCKTRLSLogo.pdf

Multiple models photo release form: ESUPCKTRLSMultipleSigs2pgA.pdf

Following is a screenshot of what a departmental homepage picture would look like.

Departmental Homepage Pictures

The dimensions for the homepage picture are: 686X296 px.

Picture Format

  • All images need to be in jpeg format. Other acceptable formats are gif and png where jpeg format is difficult to obtain.
  • Images should be edited to not exceed 600px in width before they are uploaded to the CMS unless they are meant for the home page where they need to be strictly 686X296px.
  • All pictures are required to have a meaningful descriptive caption in the image description field. The image description field is strictly required to adhere to Section 508 Accessibility compliance. This is how it works: a visually impaired person is visiting your department's website. They use what is called a screen reader to navigate websites. The screen reader reads out your text, and when it comes across an image, it reads out the description of the image you have written under the image description field.
  • Pictures need to be clear and not stretched beyond their original size. For instance if a picture is 300px wide originally, do not increase the width beyond 300px as any further increases would cause pixelation of the picture. 
  • Please keep in mind that the content you insert on your departmental pages are representative of your department. Please use good, quality images that represent your department accurately.

 Re-use of Pictures Already Posted on the Web

Please try to avoid using the same picture used by another department's webpage on your page. Each department works hard to create their own unique look by using images and video that represent them best. 

How to get Copies of Pictures Used for the Web

All of the pictures used on the Web by the University Webmaster are from University Photography. They can be requested directly from University Photography for print/publication purposes by contacting them via email at