Naming Webpages

Please ensure when naming your webpages that you give them meaningful titles and URL names.

Page Titles

  • Page titles can be changed after being set for a considerable amount of time without affecting the search ranking for the webpage. 
  • When thinking of page titles, think of visitors visiting your site via search engines, and the information they are expecting to find in relation to the page title.
  • Please keep the page titles short and meaningful. The page title will be used to display the title in the left hand side navigation. When the title is too long, the left hand navigation suffers when the title is more than than 1 line.

Page URL's

  • When naming URL's for webpages, sticking to the suggested URL, which is based on the page title, is best practice. But it isn't a requirement. In most cases there may be a shorter URL that could better serve the purpose.
  • Please ensure there are no spaces in the URL name.
  • Please ensure that the URL name is published in all lower case.
  • When naming the URL, you do not need to add the .html at the end of the name. dotCMS automatically adds that for you once you save the page.