When adding links to your Webpages please follow the following guidelines:

General Links

  • If the link is to an internal public Website, the link should open in the same window.
  • If the link is to an external Webpage outside the public domain, the link may open up in the same window or a new window. This really is your judgement on how best the user experience on your site is served.
  • When linking please use the complete URL to the site such as

Links on the Left Navigation

  • Please do not link every single folder and page on your departmental site to the left navigation. This may be alright if the site is relatively small, maybe 4-5 links. Anymore than that, the user experience would deteriorate.
  • Do not link to documents and images on the left side navigation unless there is no other way around it. When navigating using a site's left navigation a user is expecting to see a Web page with more information. If it's just a pdf document or an image, you would serve the user experience best if you insert the link on a page and not on the left side navigation.
  • Please organize the links in hierarchy of importance to the user, and not the content author. Always think from a visitors perspective.
  • Do not create a link to a page with no content. When a user clicks on a link they are expecting to see a page with content. If you are not ready with the content, please do not show the link on the left side navigation.
  • Please do not insert a link to ESU's homepage. The links to ESU homepage are already present on the template via the ESU logo, the "Home" link at the top, and the "Home" link on the breadcrumbs.
  • You should include a link titled "Contact Us" so the visitors know who to contact regarding more information for that department. The University Webmaster receives about 10 emails a week asking questions on who to contact regarding information found on a departments page.