Photography Services

University Photography provides a variety of services.

Information we need before we take photographs for your publication.

  1. Three business days lead-time- do not include weekends or holidays.
  2. Our cut-off time is 10:00AM -requests made prior to the cut-off time will include the current day as part of the three day lead time. You may initiate a request by telephone, e-mail (, or in person at University Photography. When using e-mail to request photography, please note that we will make verbal contact with you to confirm the information and complete the request form. If you do not hear from us within 24 hours, a follow-up phone call is suggested.
  3. Day and date of assignment- for example, Friday, September 17, 2004 .
  4. Exact location- if on campus, building and room number- if off campus, street address and name of location.
  5. Time- The time that photography is to begin. If assignment is for an event, the time that the event begins—for example, Awards banquet begins at 6:00 P.M. , awards presentation begins at approximately 7:00 P.M.
  6. Subject- What is to be photographed? This can be the name of an event, or a specific part of an event. For example, Chemistry class, or students in chemistry class doing experiments under new fume hoods.
  7. Contact Person- The name of a person who will be present at the event and can be contacted by the photographer in case additional information or instructions are required.
  8. Material to be used- Typically we shoot digital, however, if it is for a project that exceeds the capabilities of our digital cameras then we will shoot film.
  9. Intended use of photos- If they are for a publication, give us the name of the publication. For example, Biology Brochure, alumni magazine, student recruiting flyer. If not for a publication, give us how they will be used. For example, web, display, gifts etc.
  10. Requested by- Person initiating the photo request. This may be the same as the contact person, but sometimes is a different person. This is a person we can call to get further information about the assignment prior to the event.
  11. Box number.
  12. Phone number.
  13. Department to be charged- Department name and account number.
  14. Special instructions- Anything else that the photographer should know that isn't covered in the areas above. For example, “shoot group photo of approximately 50 people”, or “shoot photos of 15 individuals receiving awards followed by one ‘surprise' award at end of banquet”.

What is the message? Knowing the message you want to project allows us to craft the image to fit your needs.

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