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Marketing & Media Relations

How to Get Your Publications Produced

First, let’s state the obvious. The closing of Printing Services will present our community with a number of challenges, for Marketing and Media Relations and for the ESU campus in general. This is the perfect opportunity to evaluate how we get your publications produced.

Many questions need to be answered.

• How will I get my publications produced and printed in a timely way?

• Who will print them?

• How much will they cost and will I have to pay more?

• What services will Marketing and Media Relations provide?

We at Marketing and Media Relations ask for your patience during this period as we grapple with the challenges of helping our community members get their publications produced and printed.

Second, here are the hard truths:

• Because of our restructuring and dependence on outside printers (except for most copy jobs, which can be handled in the University Copy Center in Visser), your publications will take as little as four weeks to three months to design and produce depending on the complexity of the job.

• The timeline begins when final copy is in hand.

• This means you will need to plan your publications well in advance.

• Since we will work with various outside printers (except for most copy jobs), you may find that the budget for your past publications may fluctuate up or down.

The Plan

Here’s the plan. In order to expedite your publications, Marketing and Media Relations will:

• Contract with five or six vendors who, depending on the nature of the job, will print your publications. This action will cut out having to go out for bid on every publication.

• Help you with writing, editing, photography and design.

Timelines and Deadlines

The attached timelines for publications are meant to give you an idea how long it will take Marketing and Media Relations staff to produce various kinds of publications and get them printed. Please keep in mind that when you bring in your publication for production we may be working on as many as 25 jobs. Couple this with the task of working with outside vendors, and we believe these timelines are valid ones. Publications are expensive. We want to produce publications that do the job for you and your program. This takes time.

What About My Rush Job?

The quicker the job, the more likely it is that the job will turn out wrong. There’s a truism in the printing industry that clients rarely have time to produce their publications right the first time. So we reprint the job with corrections what should have been done right the first time. That’s expensive. Therefore, we counsel clients to be thoughtful about why and what they wish to produce and to slow down.

What Can I Do to Speed Up the Process?

Here’s what you can do:

• Come in to the Marketing and Media Relations Office knowing the purpose of the publication you wish to produce.

• Have rough copy in hand.

• Know your audience.

• Know the number of copies.

• Know your billing information.

• Be open to other ways to reach your audience.

• Have reasonable timeline expectations. Plan your publication way in advance of the due date. Expecting a week or even a month turnaround time for a complex, multi-page job is unreasonable.

We’re Here Because of You

Our goal is to help you reach your audience in an effective way. We believe in partnering with you to make this happen. One thing’s for certain: We’ll do everything in our power to speed the process, but primarily we want to produce your publication so it does what it’s meant to do: raise funds, recruit students, attract people to your event, etc. This takes time.

Project Timelines

Project Timelines


Printing Order Process

Printing Order Process