As new dates are announced, we will post the information in our NEWS area and add it to the calendar below. Please check back regularly for the latest information.

Reading and Voting

Award Celebration and Ceremony

Committee Calendar

Printable version of the Complete Calendar

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Reading and Voting

January 15 - Student Ballots and Voting Tally Sheets available for download

January - April - Students Vote

April 15 - Online voting completed

April 20 - New Master Lists announced and bookmarks made available online*

April 25 - Winners posted online

*(Master Lists are actually made available online October 15, but the official announcement and bookmarks are not posted until April to avoid confusion.)

Award Celebration and Ceremony

2016 - October 1

*(The Award Ceremony will always be held on the first weekend in October, unless there is an unavoidable conflict with ESU Athletics, in which case the Award Ceremony will be held on the second weekend in October.)