Frequently Asked Questions for the University Libraries & Archives



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Q: What are the library's hours, particularly between semesters? What about the University Archives' hours?

A: Check the "Hours" link at for the most recent updates on each semester's hours, including the interim periods between semesters.



Q: I wish to speak with a staff or faculty member in a specific department. How can I find his/her contact information?

A: You will find a complete listing of all departments and employees in our directory.



Q: What are the William Allen White Children's Book Awards?

A: Established in 1952 at Emporia State University by Ruth Garver Gagliardo, these awards are given to authors whose books receive the most votes from the children of Kansas in grades 3-5 & 6-8. It honors William Allen White, late editor and owner of the Emporia Gazette and one of Kansas' most distinguished and beloved citizens.



Q: I left something in the library. Where do I go to see if someone found it?

A: Personal items found in the library are taken to the Circulation desk in the lobby. You may ask the staff to see if they have the lost item.



Q: Does the library have a fax machine I can use?

A: No, the library does not have a public fax machine. However, there is one available at the Information Desk in the Memorial Union.



Q: What type of services does the library provide for those with disabilities?

A: Patrons with disabilities may access the library's collections by elevator or chair lifts. We will also retrieve materials upon request. The library also has disabilities work stations for those in wheel chairs. Large print keyboards are also found on several computers. A print enlargement machine is also available for viewing documents. For assistance in the location or use of disability equipment, please ask at the Reference Desk on 2 nd floor.



Q: Is there a place near the library where I can grab a quick snack and a drink?

A: You won't have to walk very far to find snacks or drinks. The Circleview Café is located in the lobby of the library.



Q: I have something to say about my experience with the library. How should I go about it?

A: We certainly welcome feedback, as it helps us to better serve your needs. We encourage you to use our comments form for this purpose. You may leave comments anonymously or include your contact information.



Q: Is the library or the archives hiring any student assistants this semester?

A: Check the Jobs for Students link for the most updated information about ESU student employment, including opportunities in the Libraries and Archives


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Q: Is there any way I can get articles, books, or videos that the library doesn't own?

A: Yes, you can borrow materials from other institutions by requesting them through an interlibrary loan . Please see our directions and guidelines for more information.



Q: I am having trouble locating materials in the library. Can you provide me with some direction?

A: We have a four ways for you to locate materials in person.

•  Call number and location chart

•  Library map

•  Library orientation video

•  Ask a Reference Librarian



Q: How do I access online resources?

A: Our online resources may be accessed by going to and clicking on the E-Resources link. You may also use the Journals link on our homepage for online access to electronic journals. Off-campus users will need to log in with their Buzz-In username and password before using these resources.



Q: I really need to use an item that somebody else has checked out at the moment. Is there any way I can get it before the current due date?

A: Yes, you may recall an item if necessary. Materials that are checked out for more than two weeks can be recalled. You will be notified when the materials are returned and they will be held for you at the Circulation Desk for one week. In addition, you may also place a hold on an item that you anticipate checking out in the near future. Contact Circulation at (620) 341-6680 or 5206 to set up a recall or a hold.



Q: Help! My library books are due in a few days and I can't get to the library. Can I renew them anyway?

A: Yes. You can access My Library Account at Log in with your Buzz-In user name and password, and you will see not only the number of materials you have checked out, but also their due dates. You can choose either to renew all the materials, or only certain ones. Please note, though, that online renewal does not apply to materials you have borrowed from other libraries via Interlibrary Loan. You will need to contact the Interlibrary Loan office to request renewals at 620-341-5050, or toll-free at 1-877-613-7323.



Q: I found a citation for a journal article in one of the databases, but the piece isn't available as a full text document. Am I out of luck?

A: Not necessarily. Try the Journals link at and search by the title of the periodical (journal, magazine, newspaper). That will tell you if the full text is available in another database or if the library owns the periodical in a physical format. Even if the full text is available in a database, though, it is important be sure the date coverage of the database matches the exact date of the article you seek. If you qualify as a distance education student, you can request a scanned copy of an article in print or microform to be sent to your ESU E-mail address. To do so, please use our Interlibrary Loan link.



Q: I have found a book in the catalog that doesn't seem to be located in the White Library? Where can I find it?

A: The library catalog lists holdings for multiple libraries at ESU (HPER, Nursing, Resource Center, etc.). Our catalog items page provides information on where to find those materials located outside of the White Library.



Q: Someone told me you have textbooks in the library for our courses. Is that true?

A: The library, as a rule, does not purchase textbooks for any courses. However, your professor may have chosen to place a textbook for his/her course on physical reserve at the Circulation Desk along with supplementary readings. To find items that have been placed on reserve, simply click on the Course Reserves at and search by either your professor's name or the class number. Physical reserve items can be checked out for varying lengths of time, depending upon the professor's wishes.



Q: I am not a student at Emporia State University, nor am I affiliated with ESU. May I use the library anyway?

A: You are welcome to come in to the library and use our computers and materials. However, if you would like to use the computers and check out materials, you will need to purchase a Kansas Resident Card at the Circulation Desk. The card costs $15.00 and is good for one year. Kansas Resident Card holders can also print out from the library computers at a cost of 10 cents per page. Please see the Circulation Department policy for more information.


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Q: Where do I find the academic databases?

A: You may access the database through our E-Resources .



Q: There is a specific journal that I wish to read. How can I see if the library has it and how may I go about accessing it?

A: You may perform a “Periodical Title” search in the library catalog, or you may go directly to our electronic journals link.



Q: How do I find an item that my professor has placed on reserve?

A: To find items that have been placed on reserve, simply click on the Course Reserves on the library home page and search by either your professor's name or the class number. Items in “Electronic Reserve” may be downloaded as PDF documents. Items that are “On Reserve” are available from the Circulation Desk.



Q: May I request an item for purchase?

A: Yes, we are happy to receive such requests from our patrons. However, we ask that you review our policies regarding requests before submitting a request form . Please be aware that you may also make a purchase request by logging into your library account and selecting the “Suggest a purchase” option. Contact information for departmental liaisons may also be found here.


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Q: I'm having problems with my research? How do I get some help?

A: You can use one of our subject-specific Research Guides. However, we also encourage you to contact one of our Reference Librarians for help with your research needs. You may contact them one of four ways.

•  In person: Reference desk, 2 nd floor of the WAW library

•  By phone: (620) 341-5207 or (877) 613-READ

•  By email:

•  Through IM: Ask-a-Librarian during the designated hours



Q: How do I cite my sources?

A: You may use our research guides for help with APA and MLA . You may also visit the Writing Center. It is located on the 2 nd floor of the library and offers citation help along with assistance in writing papers. Check for the Writing Center hours. Finally, you may wish to check out the research collection, management and citation tool Zotero. For a tutorial on Zotero, please go here.


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Q: How do I connect with ESU wireless?

A: The ESU Wireless Zone provides access to the ESU network and the Internet with wireless computing devices on campus.  The Zone is accessible in White Library, Visser Hall, HPER building, Main Street in the Memorial Union, and Koch Lounge in Cremer Hall.  Watch for the ESU Wireless Zone signs to know if you are in the Wireless Zone! Use your Buzz In username and password to gain access to the network.  For detailed instructions, go to .  For further information, contact TCS Help Desk @ 341-5555, or you may visit the White Library in order to borrow a step-by-step manual.  



Q: My Buzz-In user name and password aren't working! I can't get into Buzz-In or into Blackboard. What should I do?

A: We suggest you contact the Technology and Computing Services (TCS) Help Desk for assistance with these types of questions. You can call the Help Desk at ext. 5555 on campus, 620-341-5555 off campus, or 1-877-341-5555 toll-free. Also, check for the hours that the TCS Help Desk personnel staff the library kiosk on the 2 nd floor. You can visit with the personnel directly at that desk, or in the TCS Office at the Butcher Education Center – room 001. Some technical questions can also be answered at .


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Q: How many pages can I print?

A: You may print 25 pages per print job. Students who have print jobs in excess of 25 pages will be charged 10 cents for each additional sheet of paper. A printing charge statement will be completed and payment may be made at the Circulation Desk. Charges may also be added to the patron's library account.



Q: Can I make copies at the library?

A: Yes, the copiers are located on the first floor at the bottom of the stairs. Copies cost $.10/page and can only be made in black & white.



Q: Do you have any scanners in the library?

A: We have two scanners on the 2 nd floor. Detailed instructions for both scanners are located at the computers. You can also ask the staff at the Reference Desk for assistance with the devices.


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Q: Do you have study rooms available for students?

A: Yes, we have numerous study rooms available for students and you are welcome to use them as long as you follow our policy .



Q: Is there a way to pay my fines online?

A: There is currently no method for paying fines online. You can pay fines in person at Circulation in the lobby, mail a check to Circulation, or phone Circulation and pay by credit card. The phone number for Circulation is 620-341-5205. Additionally, you can reach them through our toll free number, 877-613-7323.



Q: May I bring food and drinks into the library?

A: Yes, you may bring in food and drink as long as you follow some simple guidelines .