Marie C. Miller, Ph. D.

Marie C. Miller, Ph. D.

Marie C. Miller, Dean, LA & S

Dean, Liberal Arts & Sciences & Professor of Music


104 Roosevelt Hall

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It is my privilege and pleasure to join 145 faculty members, eleven academic departments and six special programs in welcoming you to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. I would urge you to take a few moments to explore within these pages the many treasures that combine to make this an incredible college housed within an extraordinary university.

The structure and purpose of our college is focused upon academic study in the Arts & Sciences. Scholars and educators agree that study of these Arts and Sciences creat within humans the knowledge, wisdom and ideas necessary to develop civilizations and thereby change the very nature of the world. By studying the specifics of these fields, as well as the intrinsic connections among them, we can gain the ability to understand the cosmos, and ultimately humanity.

Students with a strong foundation in the Liberal Arts and Sciences will be prepared for success, whatever the changes occurring in time and culture.

The function of a “Liberal Arts” education has always been to liberate the mind. Indeed, the very term developed from the Latin word liber, a “free man”, one who is not a slave. A true Liberal Arts education allows students to avoid being enslaved by the mundane, the ordinary or the commonplace. It helps us fully experience the wonder of life, of our world, and of the universe. We warmly invite you to join us in this extraordinary and ongoing adventure!


Marie C. Miller

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