Gary Wyatt, Ph.D.

Gary Wyatt

Associate Dean, Liberal Arts & Sciences
& Professor of Sociology


OFFICE: Roosevelt Hall 104
PHONE: 620-341-5278
FAX: 620-341-5681


It has been my privilege to work at Emporia State University since 1988. I love teaching and working with our students and helping them achieve their potential. I have also been enriched by the camaraderie of the faculty and staff on campus. In addition to teaching a wide variety of sociology courses I have served as President of the Faculty, Moderator of the Liberal Arts and Sciences Assembly, and Chair of the General Education Council.  In all of these activities I have been impressed with the “student-centered” focus of this campus.  People at ESU are dedicated to the success of our students and put them first. I look forward to assisting you in any I can as you pursue your educational goals.


Gary Wyatt   

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Associate Dean's Duties

1. Director of General Education
• Oversees General Education Program
• Ex-officio member of General Education Council
• Approves General Education Substitutions/Waivers
• Monitors availability of General Education Classes
• Monitors GTAs teaching General Education Classes

2. LA&S Liaison, Council on Teacher Education

3. LA&S Liaison, NCATE Steering Committee

4. Chair, University-Wide Academic Advising Committee

5. Approve all Curricular Changes in LA&S