Associate Dean Wyatt

 Dr. Gary Wyatt

Academic Background

Doctor of Philosophy                                     Washington State University
Master of Science                                          Utah State University
Bachelor of Science                                      Utah State University

Selected Publications


Wyatt, Gary. 2008.  Family Ties: Relationships, Socialization and Home Schooling.  Lanham, MD: University Press of America. 

Refereed Articles

Wyatt, Gary. 2008. Skipping Class: An Analysis of Absenteeism Among First-Year Students. In The Practical Skeptic: Readings in Sociology 4th edition, Lisa McIntyre (ed) . New York: McGraw Hill.

Wyatt, Gary, David Saunders and Derek Zelmer. 2005. Academic Preparation, Effort and Success: A Comparison of Student and Faculty Perceptions.  Educational Research Quarterly 29 (2):  29-36.

Wyatt, Gary. 2005.  Satisfaction, Academic Rigor, and Interaction: Perceptions of Online Instruction.  Education 125 (3): 460-468.

Wyatt, Gary. 1999. Adolescent Females and the Beauty Obsession.  Emporia State University Research Studies. Vol 41: 13-38.