Volume 57, Number 2 - Spring 2011

Kissing Bugs in the United States

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Front cover: Triatoma gerstaeckeri Figure 1. Triatoma sanguisuga
Figure 2. Triatoma rubida Figure 3. Triatoma protracta
Figure 4. A fifth instar (nymphal stage) of T recurva Figure 5. Empty egg shells from T. recurva eggs 
Figure 6. A teneral of T. rubida Figure 7. Blood smear showing Trypanosoma cruzi parasites among red blood cells 
Figure 8. Fecal smears and drops from a female T. rubida Figure 9. Fecal smears on household wall from T. infestans in Bolivia 
Triatoma recurva, the largest triatome in the US (female)

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