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Alvin Peters, NBCT
Director, Great Plains Center for National Teacher Certification

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Great Plains Center for
National Teacher Certification

What is involved in the NBPTS Assessment Process?

National Board Certification is a two-part assessment process.

1. Portfolio - 60%

The portfolio has four (4) entries. Three of the entries are instructional-based and directly related to the candidate’s classroom practice; the fourth entry tracks communication and outreach to parents and community, and the professional development of the teacher as a learner and as a collaborative leader. All four of the portfolio entries require submission of a written narrative commentary along with supporting evidence.

The three (3) instructional-based entries in the portfolio (entries 1-3) require candidates to submit lessons and units they are currently teaching. Evidence required for the process allows for individual goals, needs, and challenges unique to each classroom setting and is presented through narratives, video tapes of classroom instruction or student work samples that demonstrate significant, and in some cases, sustained student learning, along with instructional artifacts that support student learning. Each of these entries is weighted at 16% of the total score.

The other portfolio entry (entry 4) requires candidates to submit a narrative, evidence, and verification of the significance of their accomplishments on the impact of student learning in three categories: teacher as partner with families and community, teacher as learner, and teacher as collaborator/leader. This entry is weighted at 12% of the total score.

2. Assessment Center Exercises - 40%

The written assessment center portion of the process consists of six (6) 30-minute exercises. The exercises focus more heavily on content-knowledge, but may also include simulations of situations to which teachers typically must respond, and/or explorations of particular questions on pedagogical content topics and issues. Each of these entries are weighted at 6.67% of the total score.

Due Dates and Payments


by December 31, 2013

by May 16, 2014
Assessment Center Exercises:
by June 30, 2014
Assessment Fee:
$2500; by February 28, 2014
Non-Refundable Initial Fee:
$500 (applied to the assessment fee); by December 31, 2013
Non-Refundable Application Processing Charge:
$65; due at the time of application submission