IT and ESU cannot say with absolute certainty the support lifespan of Apple devices. These predications are solely our estimates based upon our history and experience with such devices. The typical cycle of usability for tablets (e.g. – iPads) tends to be around 3, possibly 4, years.

ESU Elem Ed Recommends:

ESU Elem Ed Minimum   Requirements

iPad Air (Gen 1)

iOS 8

32GB Storage


Currently iPad (Gen 2) or Higher

iOS8 Compatible iPad


Recommend AppleCare (but not required)

 iPad Life Cycle Chart



Remaining   Lifespan


iPad Air (Gen 1)

iPad Mini (Gen 1)

3-4 Years

These models have been out for less   than 1 year.

iPad (Gen 4)

3 Years

This model has been out for one year.

iPad (Gen 3)

2 Years

This model has been out for a little   under two years.

iPad (Gen 2)

1 Year

Works with iOS 8 but already not compatible with some   new Apps

iPad (Gen 1)

Not Supported

Does not work with iOS 8 or many of the   latest Apps.