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Information Technology

Information Technology Council (ITC)



The focus of the Information Technology Council is on establishing strategic direction and overall governance for information technology at Emporia State University. As such, the focus will be to:

  • Develop and recommend strategic directions for information technology at ESU
  • Develop and recommend short- and long-term goals and objectives for information technology
  • Develop and recommend adoption of objective metrics for measuring progress towards goals and objectives and for measuring customer satisfaction with information technology services
  • Develop, review, and recommend adoption of information technology-related policies
  • Identify and recommend priorities for initiatives in information technology
  • Identify technology training needs and help initiate the training
  • Identify and recommend funding for new initiatives or advise reallocation of current resources to new priorities

The Council serves in an advisory capacity to the Chief Information Officer on topics and issues related to the above. It does not concern itself with day-to-day information technology operational or management issues. Those responsibilities reside within the appropriate ESU administrative structure in Technology and Computing Services.



Members of the Information Technology Council are appointed by the President. The Council reports to the Chief Information Officer.

Permanent seats, based on position:



Chief Information Officer, AVP for IT
Michael Erickson
Director of Facilities
Mark Runge
Director of Residential Life
Wade Redeker
Umair Abassi
Information Security Officer
Cheryl O’Dell
Faculty Senate - President
Dr. Joella Mehrhof
Faculty Senate - Vice President
Dr. Kevin Johnson
Chair of Classified Assembly
Donna Breshears
Offsite & Distance Education (Appointed)
Jan Farwell
Dean of University Libraries and Archives
John Sheridan
Dean of SLIM
Dr. Gwen Alexander
Dean of Graduate Studies
Dr. Kathy Ermler
President of ASG (or representative)
Jonathan Rivers
President of GSAC (or representative)
To be determined


One year appointment by President; One faculty member from each school/college (4) and one department chair from any school or college (1):



Faculty Member, School of Business
To be determined
Faculty Member, Liberal Arts and Sciences
To be determined
Faculty Member, SLIM
To be determined
Faculty Member, The Teachers College
To be determined
Department Chair, Any school/college
To be determined