Capstone Project

As a directed study course, the capstone course requirement is a tangible project, often work or community related. As the culminating experience in the BID curriculum, it is taken during a student's last semester or two in the program; it demonstrates the synthesis of academic contact with personal and professional goals. Students can earn up to 12 undergraduate credit hours over two semesters.

Capstone Goals/Process

  1. Student and advisor and a project director agree on a project.
  2. Student submits proposal to director and advisor early in the semester prior to when actual project begins.
  3. Directing Professor recommends changes or requirements for the project, e.g., literature searches, expert consultants, timetable, etc.
  4. Draft of the final report due to director and advisor by the student delineates the following:
    • Goal or outcome of the project
    • Credit hours and number of semesters involved
    • Biweekly telegraph style reports are due to advisor
    • Mid-term report expanding on biweekly reports and incorporating any positive or negative progress of the project. Comments on short and long term goals or a SWOT analysis of the progress
    • Draft of final report due to advisor at least 10 days prior to the end of the semester or earlier to allow time for suggestions and revision.
    • Final report or preface to the project itself discusses and documents how the project has integrated the four competencies of the on-line BID. The final report should, as much as possible, share how these competencies have expanded over the course of the semester or the project.
    • For
    • final capstone project is stated (portfolio, PowerPoint presentation, web pages, paper, CD, brochure, video, etc.)
    • Capstone signoff sheet must be included which states if permission is granted to use for educational purpose

Sample Capstone Projects

  • City tax to support the library will document the trials and tribulations of an initiative to have formal support for maintaining the library. This 12 hour project spread over three semesters will document all the issues that the library director faces in order to get a proposal on the ballot. The last component will be formalized such that everything will be placed onto a CD ROM or a series of Web pages.
  • Another student is going to document how her role as president of a Chamber of Commerce necessitates all aspects of the goals of the degree. As this one is still in its developmental stages, its final outcome is yet to be determined.
  • Physical aspects of youth recreational activities is a capstone project also in the developmental stages between the student and the advisor. However, this project is not work related as are the prior two, but a parental interest by the student who happens to work as an LPN.
  • Through discussion, a student discovered his job responsibilities required phone and email communication with people all over the world. This potential capstone will focus on multicultural aspects of his duties, and a possible development of a handbook for other employees who need to do the same type of communication.
  • A student interested in computer science is going to develop a set of protocols for running a computer lab. This will entail not only the implementation of the Lynix based operating system but also the guidelines for the help desk and user regulations. This, as the others, will integrate the four goals of the program.