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Ph.D. Computer Science

Computer Science

Do you enjoy solving problems, being creative and working with technology?

Then you need to consider majoring in Computer Science at Emporia State University!

Computer Science not only involves understanding and using today’s technology, it also involves solving problems and working on technology solutions for business and industry.  The Computer Science program at Emporia State will provide you with the knowledge to apply theories, concepts and practices to be a successful computer scientist in today’s world of technology advances.  Your computer science degree will provide you opportunities to make a difference in your future career. There is an exciting world waiting for you to explore in computer science!

Program Homepage

What can you do with a degree in Computer Science?

The employment* outlook is very good for Computer Science majors, projected growth from 2010 to 2020 is:

Software Developer 30%
Database Administrator 31%
Computer Programmers 12%
Computer Systems Analysts 22% (faster than the average of all occupations)

Requirements and Courses

For a complete list of required courses and electives click here.

Quick Facts

A minor in computer science consists of 21 semester hours. Fifteen of these hours are specified, and the remaining 6 hours are selected from an approved list of computer science electives. For a complete list of required courses for a computer science minor click here.