MS Psychology

MS Psychology

The Master of Science in Psychology with a concentration in Experimental Psychology program prepares graduates to think scientifically, creatively, and ethically about behavior and mental processes, conduct scholarly research, and express themselves clearly in their written and oral presentations. Most course work is in small face-to-face classes, with a few online courses. Research experiences include a first year project, a research internship, and a thesis, but many other research opportunities exist and are encouraged. Active involvement in the department functions (e.g., end of the semester Research Display and Luncheon Days), student organizations (e.g., Psychology Club), and professional associations (e.g., the Southwestern Psychological Association) are required. Numerous opportunities to attend and present at conferences exist. Experimental psychology graduate students who take advantage of all the opportunities our program has to offer are better positioned to apply for additional post-graduate education.

The Master of Science in Psychology with a concentration in Industrial/Organizational is a two year, on campus program. Industrial/Organizational Psychology has been a legitimate specialty area of psychology for 100 years. It is both a science and a practice. As a science, it is concerned with understanding how people behave in work situations. As a practice, it is concerned with finding creative, research based solutions to problems concerning people in the workplace.  Both a thesis and internship are required and prepare the student for real-world experiences; consulting opportunities are also possible as they come available.

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What can you do with a degree in Psychology?

Experimental concentration:

  • Apply to experimental psychology doctoral programs
  • Work in a lab
  • Write grants

Industrial/Organizational concentration:

  • Careers in human resources field
  • HR: employee selection, training, leadership, performance appraisal, motivation
  • Consulting


  • Experimental Psychology
  • Industrial/Organizational Psychology


  • Graduate Student Advisory Council
  • Psychology Club
  • Psi Chi
  • Students Society for Industrial-Organizational Psychology 
  • SSIOP (Student Society for Industrial/Organizational Psychology)

Requirements and Courses

Experimental Psychology Concentration:

  • Undergraduate degree w/27 hours psychology courses.
  • Three letters of recommendation from professors
  • Academic vita and statement of personal academic goals.
  • GRE (Graduate Record Exam) scores
  • Research and Thesis

Industrial/Organizational Concentration:

  • Minimum overall GPA 3.0 or 3.25 in last 60 hours of study.
  • GRE or Miller Analogy Test scores.
  • 3 letters of recommendation (professors).
  • 1-2 page personal statement on your academic background and goals. Include field experiences, why you want to pursue a degree at ESU, future plans.
  • Official copies of all undergraduate and graduate transcripts.
  • 30 hours of graduate coursework.
  • 3 hours of internship.
  • 30 hours of graduate coursework.
  • 3 hours of internship.
  • 3 hours of thesis work (total of 36 hours)
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