Department of Instructional Design and Technology / TESOL

Student-Alumni Testimonials

"Emporia State's IDT program is the most challenging and rewarding educational experience that I have ever been a part of.  It provides the knowledge, skills, and training necessary for educators to blend instruction and assessment with effective use of instructional technology."

- Curtis Chandler, 2011 Kansas Teacher of the Year

"Thank You for preparing me for this field, and equipping me with not only good practice instructional skills, but also interactive design and program capability understanding.  Experience in these areas are greatly sought out by employers. Emporia state's IDT program is current, practical, learning rich, and well put together.  I can't thank you enough for opening up many career doors for me in IDT and providing an excellent educational experience."

- Jenae Wiebe, Training & Development Specialist, Burlington, MA 

"The professors of IDT were very helpful in tailoring the program to meet my unique needs when I lived 600 miles away from Emporia and 150 miles from the nearest university of any kind."

- Carl Lund, Wichita, KS

"The advisors and instructors in ESU's IDT department are flexible and reasonable, yet set high expectations."

- Lisa Suhr, Sabetha Schools, KS

"I love the program. It is wonderful to be able to learn more about using technology and get credit for it. I'm taking multimedia design right now, and I sometimes ask myself whether I am really getting credit for learning to use software that I want to learn to use anyway."

- Sharol Cutrell, Teacher, Emporia, KS

"I like the IDT program because I can work full time, raise a family, and still have time to take masters level courses over the Internet."

- Kim Waybright, Teacher, Mother

"Emporia's excellent faculty and cutting edge technology not only prepared me for this awesome position, but it also places me highest on the "in demand" list for my department."

- Hattie Williams, Education & Development, Kansas City