#13136, Nursing Student Tutor/Lab Assistant

Job Type: Regular
Wages: Min. Wage (7.55/hr - Undergrad; 7.70/hr - Grad)
Job Begins: 02/18/2013
Work Schedule: [Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri] - 2-6 hrs/week, Schedule To Be Arranged
Job Duties: Student Tutor/Lab Assistant for selected nursing courses
Minimum Qualifications: Current Junior in the Nursing curriculum courses
Special Comments: Immediate Opening
Download Application: Student Job Application
Application Submission: [Please hand deliver your application form to the contact's office below]
Contact Name: Brenda Wiggins
Contact Number: 620-343-6800, x5641
Department: Newman Division of Nursing
Contact E-mail: bwiggins@emporia.edu
Office: Cora Miller Hall, 1127 Chestnut St.