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Department of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation

Online Health Education Endorsement
Many teachers want to add additional certification or endorsement areas to their teaching certification. However, many do not have the ability to quit their jobs to return to school. The Department of HPER has created a fully online health education licensure program for teachers already certified or licensed in other areas.
 Our Health Education program is fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (Formally the North Central Association), as well as NCATE.  You can complete the entire program via distance learning.  Each required course is offered at least once each year; however, it could take students more years to complete the program, depending on how many hours they wish to take each semester. 
Qualifications/Additional Information:

  1. This is a secondary education program and any applicant must already possess a teaching degree (certification/licensure) in another teaching subject before applying.  If someone already possesses an elementary licensure and wants to add health education, there will be additional requirements and course work in order to add health education.
  2. Upon completion of program must pass Health Education Praxis II Content Test (applied to Kansas residents, must complete before licensure is given in Kansas.  Check with your own state on this requirement.)
  3. Complete all Health Education classes with 2.75 GPA
  4. This program meets the Health Education requirements for the state of Kansas.  It is up to the state that the applicant is seeking licensure in to accept this program.  Applicants must first check with their state to verify acceptance of this program before apply for it.
  5. Although previous completed courses at other college can be substituted for program required courses, each applicant will need to complete at least 8 hours at ESU in order to receive program completion identification at the end of the program.
  6. The health education program is an undergraduate program.  For the on-line courses, we have created graduate level courses that meet the accreditation requirements for health education.  Below are the course requirements, most people transfer in most of the undergraduate requirements (each person’s transcripts are evaluated to determine which courses they still need to complete), but if you haven’t you can still complete those here via online as well.

Course Requirements
Undergraduate Requirements
HL 150 Critical Health Issues - 3 hours                                                                         every semester
HL 155 First Aid and Personal Safety - 2 hours                                                            every semester
PE 266 Technology in HPER - 3 hours                                                                          every semester
6 hours of electives (decided in consultation with Advisor)                                       depends on what taking
Graduate Requirements
HL 650 School Health Issues & Trends - 3 hours                                                       Fall semester
HL 735 Instructional Strategies in Human Sexuality Education - 3 hours              Spring semester
HL 800 Applied Risk Behavior Education & Strategies - 3 hours                             Fall semester
HL 850 Wellness Concepts & Prevention Strategies - 3 hours                                Spring semester
HL 559 Methods and Strategies of Teaching Health - 4 hours                                 Summer semester
Total Hours - 30 hours
Application Process: 

  • You are to fill out the Application for Health Education Licensure provided by the HPER Department, which is needed for the Health Education Advisor and ESU’s Licensure Officer’s records since every state is different in their requirements.
  • You need to apply for admission into Graduate Studies.  If you go to and then go halfway down the form to Graduate Application, you can apply on-line and you apply as a "Non-degree seeking" applicant.  You cannot enroll in any courses at ESU until you have applied here and have been accepted.
  • Before, or after, applying the Health Education Advisor can look at your transcripts to see what classes will transfer and what classes you still have to take. 

Contact Online Health Education Advisor