Coaching Education

The coaching minor is open to all undergraduate students, regardless of major.  A coaching minor will supplement an existing major. 

It is designed for students who:

  • Enjoy sports
  • Like working with people
  • Believe in the values of athletic participation
  • Would like to exert a positive influence on the lives of others


Why take a coaching minor?   

Athletics can have far-reaching effects physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually in the lives of young people.  Responsible coaches are educated and prepared to contribute to the positive influence sport has on athletes and society.  The experience gained form participation in athletics is strongly influenced by the qualification and competencies of the coach. With the coaching minor, we strive to achieve educational goals beyond X and O’s.   It is important for potential coaches to be trained to work with young adults within a framework of ethical philosophy, practices and procedures.  In a nutshell, the classes will prepare you to become a better coach!

Where will it prepare me to coach?

The coaching minor prepares coaches to work with athletes in youth, junior or senior high school, college, club and community recreational sports settings.  With the coaching minor you will obtain American Sport Education Program certification.  This certification allows you to coach in schools without a teaching certificate. 

Coaching Education Requirements

How many hours is it?

A minor in coaching at Emporia State University consists of a minimum of 15 hours. 

General education must include ZO 200/201- Anatomy and Physiology and Lab.

Program Requirements:

PE 305 Theory and Principles of Coaching 3 hrs

PE 320 Principles of Strength and Conditioning 2 hrs

PE 345 Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries 3 hrs

PE 420 Psychology of Coaching 3 hrs

PE 520 Coaching Practicum 2 hrs

Two of the following courses

PE 350 Fundamentals and Coaching of Baseball 3 hrs

PE 351 Fundamentals and Coaching of Basketball 3 hrs

PE 352 Fundamentals and Coaching of Football 3 hrs

PE 354 Fundamentals and Coaching of Track and Field 3 hrs

PE 355 Fundamentals and Coaching of Volleyball 3 hrs

PE 356 Fundamentals and Coaching of Softball 3 hrs

PE 357 Fundamentals and Coaching of Tennis/Golf 3 hrs

PE 358 Fundamentals and Coaching of Soccer 3 hrs

Total 18 hours

Coaching Opportunities near Emporia State

The coaching education program at Emporia State is seeking to place students in coaching situations so they may gain practical experience. These coaching positions can be volunteer or paid positions. If you are looking for a coach, and would like some assistance in filling an open coaching position, or simply want more coaching help, please submit the following information.

Please submit the following information and your coaching position will be listed.

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