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Department of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation

HPER Graduate Program

Dr. Luebbers in the Lab

Dr. Luebbers discusses the finer points of metabolic assessment with a Graduate Assistant

The graduate program in the Department of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation (HPER) at Emporia State University was the first Masters degree program in HPER in the United States to be offered completely online. It remains the leading online Masters degree program in HPER in the United States.

The Master of Science degree is offered through the Department of HPER.   Students take all course work through web-based classes. Students are never required to come to campus, but are always welcome.  All courses are taught by faculty members with doctoral degrees and/or by faculty members who are nationally recognized in their fields.

This program is fully accredited through the Higher Learning Commission and the National Council for the Accreditation of  Teacher Education.   This Masters degree would be appropriate for students interested in advancing their education, as well as for those students who need to gain additional course work for tenure or fiscal promotion. 

The Masters degree does not lead to initial teacher certification, but has the potential to be used for that purpose.  This is dependent upon the state in which the student resides. 


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Graduate Handbook

The HPER Graduate Handbook provides a detailed overview of the Master of Science degree in Physical Education
HPER Graduate Handbook

Degree Plan

After a student is accepted into the Masters degree program, he/she is sent a degree plan.  This plan indicates the classes in which the student will be required to enroll, as well as the indication of electives. 
Sample degree plan

Masters Level Courses

These are the graduate level courses offered through the Department of HPER at Emporia State University.
Master level courses


Requirements for the MS Program in HPER

To Apply for the MS Program in Physical Education, the Candidate must:

  • Have a 2.5 overall GPA, as well as a 2.75 GPA in the last sixty (60) hours of college work.
  • Possess a degree in Physical Education or related field (i.e., health, corporate wellness, athletic training, etc.). 
    • If the student does not have an undergraduate degree in Physical Education or related area, the student may be admitted on probation with at least twelve (12) hours of undergraduate work in Physical Education. These classes must be approved by the HPER Graduate Advisor.


Application Material

In order for an application to be considered, all application materials must be completed and received by the decision date.  A student wishing to pursue a Masters degree in the Department of HPER is required to be admitted to the Graduate School and to the Department of HPER. The steps for applying for admission and the criteria used in determining whether, and under what conditions, a student is admitted include:

  1. Application - Complete an application and send in the application fee. The applicant should complete the online application at
  2. International Student Application - International Students must complete a different application for graduate school.  This application may be found at
  3. An official copy of ALL transcripts must be sent to the Emporia State University Graduate Office. 
  4. A resume or vita must be submitted to the Graduate School at Emporia State University.   
  5. Letters of Recommendation - we use an online form for the letters of recommendation. Please send an e-mail containing the link below to the two people who you want to get recommendations from and ask them to complete the online form in a timely fashion (we suggest 2 weeks). Also note that we will verify references.

All HPER MS application material should be submitted directly to the ESU Graduate School:

Graduate School
Box 4003
Emporia State University
1200 Commercial
Emporia, KS 66801

For futher information regarding the HPER Graduate Program:

ESU HPER Graduate Program FAQ

e-Mail the Graduate Advisor

Other Contact Information:

Department of HPER
Box 4013
Emporia State University
1200 Commercial
Emporia, KS 66801

Fax: 620-341-6400
Phone: 620-341-5926