Probationary Status for Students in the University Honors Program

Given that a student must have a GPA of 3.5 or better to graduate "with honors" or "with high honors" and must complete at least 7 honors activities (an "activity" is defined as an honors course, a course contracted as an honors course, honors approved study abroad, or other honors approved project), the University Honors Council has established standards to be met during the student's enrollment at ESU.

In order to remain in the Honors Program after admission, a student must maintain the minimum cumulative grade point average shown below and maintain active involvement in the program as defined below.

Total hours completed at ESUActivities completedMinimum GPA
30 1 3.2
60 3 (must include CW111) 3.3
90 6 (must include CW311) 3.4

If either the student's involvement is below that shown above or the GPA falls below the required minimum cumulative GPAs listed above, the student will be placed on Honors probation.

At the end of the probationary semester:

  • If the student's cumulative GPA is 3.50 or higher and he/she has met the requirement for involvement, he/she will be returned to regular Honors status.
  • If the cumulative GPA is still lower than 3.50, but the semester GPA is 3.50 or higher and the student has completed at least one honors unit, the student will remain on Honors probationary status.
  • If the semester GPA for a probationary semester is lower than 3.50, then the student will be dismissed from the University Honors Program.

A student who is to be dismissed from the University Honors Program may appeal in writing to the University Honors Council to remain in the program on probationary status. A student may apply for readmission to the program if the cumulative GPA is raised to 3.50 or higher.