You will discuss the ideas you learn with other Honors students. Sometimes you might even agree.

Mission Statement

The mission of the University Honors Program is to create a community of student scholars that promotes academic excellence, develops leadership, and encourages service to others.

The University Honors Program at Emporia State is a challenging academic program which exists to provide a "value-added" experience for our best students. This program supplements the regular academic curriculum at Emporia State University and prepares students for success by encouraging broad reading, individual thinking, creative problem solving, intellectual growth, and personal commitment. The required courses within the honors program seek to provide a common intellectual experience for students from a variety of disciplines and degree programs.

The program consists of small classes, special discussion sections, challenging courses, and outstanding, committed faculty. There are two levels of participation and students can graduate with either "Honors" or "High Honors". All students are required to take Honors Program Seminar, but other than that course, there are a variety of ways in which students can fulfill the requirements to graduate with honors.

The University Honors Program is open to highly motivated students with outstanding high school or college records regardless of their degree program or major. The honors program provides opportunities for students to meet and work individually with faculty, to attend special presentations planned for honors students, to meet distinguished visitors to the university, to travel to special lectures and exhibits in the region and to present papers at national and regional honors conventions. In addition, it introduces students to peers who are interested in ideas, discussion, intellectual growth, and academic excellence.

The honors program qualifies students for consideration for graduation with honors. The Honors Council recognizes those students who have satisfactorily participated in the honors program with the designation "with honors" or "with high honors" entered on the diploma and the transcript.