The HLC campus visit is March 23-25, 2015

No person, department, school, or university works individually for the greater whole of student learning. We all “fit” together as pieces in a puzzle, and so it is for ESU’s upcoming Higher Learning Commission visit March 23-25, 2015! Stay tuned for updates on events and activities throughout 2013 and 2014 to highlight the importance of accreditation and assessment for Emporia State University academic and student success.

What is HLC, and why is it important?

HLC (Higher Learning Commission) is the institutional accrediting agency for the North Central region of the United States. HLC evaluates an entire educational institution in terms of its mission and the agency’s standards or criteria. It accredits the institution as a whole. Besides assessing formal educational activities, it evaluates such things as governance and administration, financial stability, admissions and student services, institutional resources, student learning, institutional effectiveness, and relationships with internal and external constituencies.

Campus feedback on the Self-Study is invited!

The Skybox link on this page will take you to draft sections of the HLC Self-Study, one section for each required criterion. Imbedded in each draft section is link to a survey instrument where you can enter suggestions for expanding, improving, or correcting the document. We encourage all to review the criterion drafts and suggest feedback. The survey links will be open through March 21, 2014.

HLC Steering Committee

  • Mr. Jason Bosch
  • Dr. Joan Brewer
  • Mr. Rob Catlett
  • Dr. David Cordle
  • Mr. Mike Erickson
  • Dr. Kathy Ermler
  • Dr. Shelly Gehrke
  • Dr. Dipak Ghosh
  • Mr. Art Gutierrez
  • Ms. Elain Henrie
  • Ms. Lynn Hobson
  • Ms. Cynthia Kane
  • Dr. Jo Kord
  • Ms. Diana Kuhlmann
  • Ms. Gwen Larson
  • Dr. Marie Miller
  • Dr. Andrew Smith
  • Dr. Ken Weaver
  • Dr. Jim Williams
  • Dr. Gary Wyatt

Criterion Committees

Criterion One Criterion Two
  • Jason Brooks
  • Gonzalo Bruce
  • Jim Costello
  • Kathy Ermler
  • Shelly Gehrke, Chair
  • Heidi Hamilton
  • Steven Hanschu
  • Joyce Zhou
  • Kathy Ermler, Chair
  • Dipok Ghosh
  • Elaine Henrie
  • Kim Massoth
  • Joella Mehrhof
  • Amy Sage-Webb
  • Andrew Smith
Criterion Three Criterion Four
  • Jason Bosch
  • Tim Burnett
  • Rob Catlett
  • William Clamurro
  • June Coleman
  • Art Gutierrez
  • Lynn Hobson
  • Kathy Landwehr
  • Jodie Leiss
  • Marie Miller
  • Amy Sage-Webb
  • Ken Weaver, Chair
  • Gary Wyatt
  • Jason Bosch
  • Joan Brewer, Chair
  • Rob Catlett
  • June Coleman
  • Elaine Henrie
  • Marie Miller
  • Gary Wyatt
Criterion Five
  • Michael Erickson, Co-Chair
  • Ray Hauke
  • Diana Kuhlmann, Co-Chair
  • Ray Lauber
  • Kevin Rabas
  • Mike Wise

Criteria for HLC Accreditation

Criteria Overview

HLC materials on SkyBox

HLC Skybox