Graduate Scholarships and Aid

Scholarships and Awards are important sources of funding designed to help graduate students meet their educational and research expenses.  Listed below are the scholarships and awards available through the ESU Graduate School.

Graduate Scholarships

Scholarship Name

Application Form

Due Date

Boylan Scholar Award Boylan Application March 10, 2017
Robert Grover Graduate Scholarship Grover Application Nov. 17, 2017
New Graduate Student Scholarship (Fall) New Graduate Student Scholarship June 23, 2017
New Graduate Student Scholarship (Summer) New Graduate Student Scholarship May 5, 2017
McNair Scholarship McNair Application June 30, 2017
Scholar's Circle Funding Request Scholar's Circle Request February 24, 2017
Newbold Scholar Award Newbold Application October 27, 2017
Biology Scholarship Biology Application March 24, 2017

Graduate Awards

The ESU Graduate School recognizes student excellence in graduate education and research through the following awards.

Award Name

Application Form

Due Date

Boylan Thesis Award Thesis submitted by departments

March 10, 2017 and October 6, 2017 

GTA Excellence in Teaching Nomination Form March 3, 2017
Harold Durst Research Award Durst Application September 29, 2017
Thesis and Dissertation Support Award Thesis Application February 10, 2017 and October 13, 2017

Graduate Awards and Scholarships

Most graduate scholarships and awards require a recommendation.  We have made this reference form available digitally.  Click on the link to the reference form below and send the link to your references. 



For complete information on Veterans' benefits click on the MILITARY LINK

Departmental Scholarship/Support Opportunities

Graduate Departments have various specific scholarship/support opportunities.  To learn about these opportuniteis, click links below. 

Kansas Teacher Service Scholarship

TESOL Licensure Reimbursement Opportunity (offered by KSDE)

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Graduate Scholarship Recipients

Award Recipients
Boylan Scholarship

Fall 2016/Spring 2017

Neucasha Greene (Counselor Education)

William Gibbons (HPER)

Grover Scholarship

Spring 2017

Alex Small (MBA)

Paul Wilcox (SLIM)

New Graduate Student Scholarships

Spring 2017

Recipient Listing

Summer 2016

Recipient Listing

Fall 2016

Recipient Listing

Newbold Scholarship

Spring 2017

Paul Wilcox (SLIM)

Graduate Award Recipients

Award Name Recipient
Boylan Thesis

Fall 2016

Rosalie Krenger (English)

GTA Excellence in Teaching

Spring 2016

Megan Duggins (Psychology)

Durst Research Award

Fall 2016

Randol Wehrbein (Physical Sciences)
Huiyun Sun (Biological Sciences)