Advisor Handbook

This web handbook contains information Departmental Graduate Advisors need to assist graduate students in completing their graduate degrees.  Click on any of the links below to be taken to the page with the information for which you are interested.

Admissions/Application Procedures

  1. Application Process
  2. Eligibility

After Admittance to Degree Program

  1. Degree Plans
  2. Degree Candidacy
  3. Comprehensive/Final Exams
  4. Intent to Graduate
  5. Degree Analysis

Frequently Asked Questions from Graduate Advisors

Video Tutorial on How to Perform a CAPP Analysis

Outstanding Graduate Faculty Mentor Award

Who to Contact for help

Mary Sewell – Graduate Admissions (x6404 or email
Brandi Beckman – Eligibility (5513 or email
Doug Cooper – Degree Conferral (x5509 or email
Jan Gerstner – Graduate Assistantships/Scholarships (x5508 or email
Pam Fillmore – Research and Grants(x5351 or email

Suggestions to Recruit Graduate Students

If your department would like to have some ideas on ways to enhance their recuiting efforts, go to:

Graduate Faculty Recruiting Funding Request (pdf format)



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