Our Executive Board is here to serve you!


Kathryn "K-Mart" Martin, President
(620) 341-5481

K-Mart is a 21-year-old Elementary Education major, Leadership and Management double minor, from Shawnee, KS. K-Mart was attracted to ESU because of their education program and campus size. K-Mart joined Union Activities Council as a freshman after a friend dragged her to a meeting. After one meeting, she was hooked. She was on the Variety Entertainment committee, then became the chair of that committee her sophomore year. Last year, K-Mart was President and is thrilled to have a second term. K-Mart wants people to know, “UAC is a great organization to be a part of because you can be involved as much or as little as you want. The experience and friendships are unforgettable!”

Kaitlyn Frese, Vice President
(620) 341-5481

Kaitlyn is a 20-year-old Elementary Education major from Marion, KS. She chose ESU because it has one of the best education programs. Kaitlyn is a member of sorority life, hates cheese and eats breakfast food more often than the average human. She joined the Variety Entertainment committee as a freshman and became the chair of the committee her sophomore year. Kaitlyn wants people to know that, “We strive to bring free and fun things to campus for our students!” This semester she will serve as Vice President.

Blythe Eddy, Advisor
(620) 341-5481

Sydney Inman, Graduate Advisor
(620) 341-5481

Brittany Latham, Graphic Designer
(620) 341-5481