What is Visual Arts?

Visual Arts (VA) is the committee that brings the events that are entertaining to the eye.  VA hosted Night at the Movies, Night of Terror in the Union and a Distracted Driving Simulator!


Sarah Fletcher, Chair

Sarah, 20, is an Elementary Education major from Topeka, Kansas. She chose Emporia State because "It was a good distance from home and a really good price. Not only that, but when I took my tour, everyone seemed so nice." She first started in UAC last year, where she served as the Talks & Topics Vice Chair. "I knew a lot of people on council and it looked fun!" To anyone looking at being a part of Union Activities Council, she says "Do it! It's so much fun. We really are a family; everyone is so nice. And it's not a huge time commitment." She'd also like you know that she swam competitively from the age of 5 until her senior year of high school.



Amanda Brabec, Vice Chair


Amanda, is a 21 year old Psychology major originally from Chicago, Illinois who moved to Louisburg, Kansas when she started at Emporia. She said that Emporia's campus is what first attracted her, claiming "it's beautiful here. Plus," she added, "it was the most affordable for me." She joined Union Activities Council last Spring as the Visual Arts Vice Chair. She claims she joined because "I really wanted to find an activity that revolved around campus. Union Activities Council is 100% for the students. Plus, I love being able to give back to the community." She says "If you want to know what's happening all around campus, UAC is for you. It's the premiere planning organization and it's a great way to get involved on campus." As a fun fact, she added "I have two broken pinky fingers that fit into each other when I put my hands side by side."


Fall 2014 Visual Arts Events Include: