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We are excited that you are interested in joining a Recognized Student Organization (RSO)! Below are some tips and advice for getting involved in student organizations. If you would like assistance with joining an organization, meet with an Involvement Consultant.

Think about your involvement goals

What are your goals for your college experience? What do you hope to get out of your time at Emporia State? These are great questions to think about as you seek involvement opportunities! Also, think about what you hope to gain from being involved. Are you hoping to make friends? Get involved with your major or academic program? Develop leadership skills? Answering these questions for yourself will help you think about what opportunities you want to pursue.

See what organizations we have to offer

#HornetLife is our online portal for student involvement. Spend some time searching through the #HornetLife organization directory. All RSOs have a page on this site. You can learn more about the organization, view a membership roster, find links to the organizations' Twitter and Facebook pages, and more.

Log in to #HornetLife using your Buzz In username and password to get the best experience using the site. Once you are logged in to #HornetLife, you can send messages directly to the leaders of organizations you are interested in.

Contact organizations you are interested in learning more about

Once you have identified an RSO you might be interested in, contact a member of the organization to learn more. On the home page of the RSO's #HornetLife site, a contact person is listed on the right side of the page under Primary Contact. Click on the Send Message button to send a message to this person. You can also click on the Roster link on the left side of the page to view a listing of organization members. Click on the name of any student listed to access the student's email address.

In your message, introduce yourself and share that you are interested in learning more about the organization. Ask if there are any upcoming meetings or events you might be able to attend to meet the members and learn about the organization. Most organizations are always looking for new members, so they will be excited that you are interested in their club!

Attend an organization meeting or event

The best way to find out if an RSO is a good fit for you is to spend time interacting with and getting to know the members. Most organizations have open meetings, so prospective members like you are welcome to attend a meeting without the obligation of joining. Ask the organization about attending a meeting just to check it out! Attending an event sponsored by the organization is another great way to interact with members and determine if the organization is a good fit. You can find out about the organization's events by sending a message to a member or by clicking on the Events link on the RSO's #HornetLife page to view any upcoming events the RSO may be sponsoring. If you don't feel comfortable attending an event or meeting by yourself, take a friend or floormate with you.

Discuss membership opportunities and expectations

Once you have interacted with some organizations and have identified an RSO you are interested in joining, talk with the organization's leaders about membership requirements and expectations. What meetings are members expected to attend? Are there any membership fees? What is the time commitment to be involved in the organization? Make sure you understand what would be expected of you before joining the organization. If the organization feels like a good fit and will help you achieve your involvement goals, and if the organization is ready to accept new members, you can discuss officially joining the organization!


We are excited that you are interested in starting a new Recognized Student Organization! To start a new organization on campus, follow the process outlined below. If you would like assistance with starting your organization, meet with an Involvement Consultant.

Identify an organization President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Advisor

These are the three officer and one advisor positions required to start an organization. The President, Vice President, and Treasurer must be currently enrolled Emporia State students. The Advisor must be an Emporia State faculty or staff member. You will need the names and Emporia State email addresses for each of these individuals (the address for officers and the address for the Advisor).

Write an organization constitution

Download the sample constitution here. Using this sample as a structure, edit the sections to meet the organizational and operational needs of your group. You must keep the membership section (Article I, Section 3.) in your constitution exactly as written in the sample. This section cannot be edited or modified.

Submit your constitution to Anna Dragoo in Center for Student Involvement for review. Prior to your recognition documents being submitted to Associated Student Government (ASG), the ASG advisor will review your constitution to ensure it meets minimum requirements. You will save yourself time later in the recognition process by having Anna review your constitution first to catch any errors.

Complete a Petition for Recognition

You can download the petition here. You must have the petition signed by 21 current Emporia State students and your faculty/staff Advisor. The students who sign the petition do not have to join the organization; they must simply support the formation of the organization.

Submit your completed Petition for Recognition to Anna Dragoo in the Center for Student Involvement.

Log in to #HornetLife and complete the Register form

Log in to #HornetLife by clicking the Log In button on the top right side of the page and entering your Buzz In username and password. Once you are logged in to #HornetLife, click the Organizations link in the black horizontal menu bar. Click on the Register button along the left vertical menu. Complete each of the seven registration steps. Have your officer and Advisor names and email addresses, and an electronic copy of your constitution, availalbe when you complete the form; you will be required to upload your constitution as part of the registration process. Once you have completed the seven steps, submit your registration for approval.

When you submit your registration, #HornetLife will send your officers and advisor an email invitation to accept membership to your organization's #HornetLife page. Your officers and advisor must follow the link in the email, log in to #HornetLife, and accept the membership request that will pop up on their screens after logging in. Until they do this, they will not actually be members of your organization's #HornetLife page and will not be able to receive important information from the Center for Student Involvement or ASG. Be sure to tell your officers and advisor to watch for the email from #HornetLife and to follow the instructions included in the email.

Meet with the ASG Senate Operations Committee

Once your registration form has been submitted in #HornetLife and your petition has been turned in the Center for Student Involvement, your materials will be submitted to ASG. The ASG Senate Operations Committee Chair will contact you to schedule a meeting with the Senate Operations Committee. After you meet with the committee, they will submit a bill to the ASG Senate to recognize your organization. The bill will be presented at the next available Senate meeting for what is called the first reading.

Attend the ASG Senate Meeting

At the next senate meeting two weeks following the first reading of your recognition bill, you or a representative from your organization must attend the meeting for the second reading. At this meeting, you will have the opportunity to address the Senate to share your purpose for creating the desired student organization and to answer any questions posed by Senate members. A vote to recognize your organization will take place during this meeting. An ASG representative will contact you ahead of time regarding the date and time of the Senate meeting you will need to attend.

Meet with an Involvement Consultant

If your organized is granted recognition, your registration in #HornetLife will be approved, and you will immediately be afforded all of the rights and responsibilities of a Recognized Student Organization. Your final step will be to schedule an appointment with an Involvement Consultant. He or she will help you set up your #HornetLife page and show you how to use important features of the site including how to post events to the campus events calendar, and how add members and manage your membership roster.


The Center for Student Involvement staff are here to provide your organization and members with the skills and tools to be successful. Below is important information about reporting service hours and keeping your membership roster updated. If you have any questions, stop by and see us on the main level of the Memorial Union.

Reporting Service Hours

We have instituted a new process for reporting your required ASG service hours. Recognized Student Organizations will no longer complete a form on the Community Hornets website. Instead, organizational members will record their service hours in #HornetLife. Below is more information regarding this new reporting process.

Submitting Service Hours

With this new process, the responsibility for recording service hours lies with each member of the organization. Rather than one member submitting a single form on behalf of the entire organization for each service project completed, each member must record his or her own service hours completed throughout the year. Service hours should be reported as follows.

  1. Log in to #HornetLife.
  2. Click on the My Involvement drop-down menu title in the gold menu bar at the top of the page, just below the words Emporia State University.
  3. Click on Service Hours in the grey drop-down menu.
  4. Click on the + Add Service Hours button.
  5. From the Organization drop-down menu, select the organization for which you want to submit your service hours. Any organizations you belong to should be listed in this drop-down menu.
  6. Include the date the service was performed (not the date you are submitting the form), a description of the service performed, the number of hours and/or minutes served, and the name of a contact person for the organization you served (Verification Contact).
  7. Click on the Create button.
  8. Your hours have now been submitted, but must be approved by your RSO President or another officer with administrative rights to your organization's #HornetLife page.

Approving Service Hours (For Presidents/Officers)

Presidents (or any officers who have the appropriate administrative access to your organization's page) must approve service hours submitted by your members. Community Hornets no longer approves service hours; that responsibility lies with the organization's leadership. Until the hours have been approved by the President or an officer, they will not count toward your organization's total hours. To approve service hours, follow the steps below.

  1. Log in to #HornetLife and visit your organization's page.
  2. Click on the Service Hours link in the left vertical menu bar, then click the Manage Service Hours link just below it.
  3. In the middle of the page, you will see three tabs, Pending, Approved, and Denied. Click on the Pending tab to view submissions that need approval.
  4. Review each submission. If you are confident the submission is accurate, click on the Approve link on the right side of the page next to the submission. Once you click Approve, the submission is finalized and will count toward your organization's service hours.

At any point, you may return to the Manage Service Hours page to view the total number of Pending, Approved, and/or Denied service hours for your organization. These totals are listed at the top of the page in the Service Hours Summary section. Be sure to select the appropriate time period for which you want to see service hour totals. You can set the time period on the upper right side of the page. The default setting is to show you only the past week's totals. You may select also month, three months, or a custom date range.

Re-Registering Your Organization

Once per year, in the spring semester, Associated Student Government requires each RSO to re-register through #HornetLife. The purpose of re-registering is to ensure to best degree possible that RSO #HornetLife pages are up-to-date and have accurate officers listed. Since #HornetLife is our official method of communication with RSOs, it is important to have an accurate officer roster so that the appropriate RSO leaders receive important information from the Center for Student Involvement and Associated Student Government.

RSOs leaders will be notified when the re-registration period has opened and of the re-registration deadline. Any current member who is an officer or member of the RSO #HornetLife page may submit the re-registration. To re-register, follow the steps below.

  1. Log in to #HornetLife.
  2. Click the My Shortcuts drop-down menu located in the gold bar at the top of the page.
  3. Select the RSO you want to re-register.
  4. Once you are on the RSO page, click the Register button below the RSO name.
  5. Step 1 is to review and update your profile information. Update any necessary profile information, then click Next at the bottom of the page. If all profile information is already up-to-date, simply click Next.
  6. Step 2 is the most important step: ensuring that your officer information is up-to-date. If all of your officers are current, simply click Next. If any of your officers or advisor are outdated, start by reviewing the table of officers listed toward the bottom of the page. If any individuals listed are not the current officers, select the checkbox next to their names, and click the Remove button at the top of the table. Once you have removed any old officers, add your new officers in the fields provided toward the top of the page. From the Position drop-down menu, select the officer position you want to add. Then list the Email, First Name, and Last Name of the officer. Be sure to list the officer’s ESU email address. Click Add. Repeat this process to add each of your additional officers. You must add at least a President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Advisor. Once all old officers have been removed and new officers have been added, click Next.
  7. Click Submit for Approval. Your re-registration submission will be routed to the Center for Student Involvement for approval.