Visiting Professor Program

Based on requests from AVID coordinators, ESU has developed a Visiting Professor Program delivered in middle and high school classrooms. The purpose of this program is to simulate an actual college classroom experience taught by a college professor at ESU.  The presentation outlines strategies for success in large and small college classrooms, how to connect with faculty for academic support, a definition of a college syllabus, faculty expectations, and a teaching simulation of the academic content area. 

Examples of Visiting Professor Programs:

*ESU Economics Professor Rob Catlett presented to Olathe North High School and Wichita North High School students in their high school classrooms. With over 200 students throughout the day, he presented on the expectations of a college classroom and the economic relationship between levels of education and unemployment. 

*ESU Education Professor Matt Seimears provided a highly interactive presentation to students at Emporia Middle School employing STEM concepts through the use of robotics.

*ESU Instructional Design and Technology Professor Dusti Howell presented the Top 10 Learning Strategies and Barriers  to Summer Institute students. 

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