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Welcome to Emporia State University!

TradPlus: The New Normal

In the past, most students entered college right out of high school, worked very little (if at all) while pursuing their degrees, and had no spouses or dependents. Today, that is not the case. More and more students coming to college today do not fit that traditional profile. Many universities refer to these students as non-traditional. At Emporia State, we refer to these students as TradPlus, because we view this diversity of students as a plus - a positive! As a TradPlus student, you bring a wealth of life experience and knowledge to the university community.

Maybe you are married and/or a parent. Perhaps you served in the armed forces. You might have started college years ago, and are now coming back to complete your degree. Or, you might be returning to school for the first time since high school graduation. While your journey to higher education may have been different than the traditional high school-to-college path, you bring perspectives and experiences that will enrich campus life inside and outside of the classroom. Whatever path has led you to Emporia State, we are so happy that you are here.

Who Are TradPlus Students?

There are several criteria one might use to identify himself or herself as a TradPlus student. Below are the general criteria we use to define TradPlus, but we are here to serve the needs of all students who identify as such.

  • Over the age of 24 as an entering student
  • Married
  • Parent
  • Have been out of school for one or more year
  • In the military or a veteran

TradPlus Student Services: We're Here to Help You!

We know that, as a TradPlus student, you may face different challenges than students who fit the traditional profile. That is why we have TradPlus Student Services here in the Center for Student Involvement. We want you to know that you are not alone in your journey at Emporia State. Our TradPlus Student Support Coordinator is a current TradPlus student who can identify with the challenges and opportunities you may experience. She is here to be resource, guide, and mentor for you as you pursue your studies at Emporia State University. And she is passionate about helping fellow TradPlus students succeed.

Check out the links to the right for information and resouces to help you to be successful in your pursuits at Emporia State. If you have questions, need any type of assistance, or would like to learn more about campus resources available to you, please do not hesitate to contact us. We believe in you, and we are here for you.

TradPlus Student Services Contact Form

If you are a TradPlus student and would like to learn more about TradPlus Student Services, or you would like to receive assistance from our Student Support Coordinator, complete the form below and our Student Support Coordinator will contact you.

Or, if you are a faculty/staff member and would like to refer a TradPlus student who you believe may benefit from TradPlus Student Services, complete the form below so we may reach out to the student.