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Fraternity & Sorority Life

Fraternity and Sorority Life


Scholarship is a commitment to intellectual growth and development.  Our fraternity men and sorority women value scholastic achievement and are committed to academic excellence.  Many students worry that their grades will suffer when they join a Greek organization, but they soon find that just the opposite is true.  Chapters have scholarship programs to help members succeed academically; typical programs include things like study hours, scholarship recognition programs, and minimum GPA requirements for membership.  Fraternity and sorority members generally out-perform their non-Greek peers in the classroom, and tend to have a higher graduation rate.


Undergrad Female Undergrad Sorority Undergrad Male Undergrad Fraternity All Undergrad All Greek
Spring 2013 3.08 3.08 2.62 2.74 2.9 2.91
Fall 2013 3.07 3.11 2.63 2.69 2.9 3.04