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Getting Involved in Volunteering in Emporia LogoGetting Involved in Volunteering in Emporia

The purpose of GIVE is to provide an opportunity for both domestic and international students to learn about American volunteerism and culture in an active, hands-on environment.  GIVE encourages students to live a more balanced lifestyle that blends school work with student involvement, while providing a support system to make an ideal experience for personal growth.  Students who participate in the GIVE program are able to broaden their engagement with the campus and develop awareness and a personal concept of community service. 


What Do GIVE Students Do?

The GIVE Program focuses on providing a diverse range of community service projects in various problem areas including poverty, homelessness and hunger, child and youth development, senior citizens, drug abuse prevention, literacy, environment and women’s rights and safety.  GIVE has participated in numerous major events such as the United Way Day of Caring, Neighborhood Clean-Up, Red Ribbon Week, Storm Drain Painting, the Haunted Trail (at Camp Alexander), Read to Your Bunny, and the Let Hope Blossom Japanese Relief Fundraiser.

The program is modified every semester to include new events and lessons at each meeting.  GIVE students help select which projects the program will participate in, and organization representatives are often invited to introduce their service events so that students learn the importance of volunteering for a cause.  Although GIVE provides volunteer projects, students are encouraged to explore service projects on their own that apply to their individual interests.  The GIVE coordinator is always happy to help students find volunteer opportunities.

What Do Members Say About GIVE?

“We had the opportunity to think about how we can change the life of other persons with a little help.”           – Gustavo Teixeira Gomes

“It was diverse and we did neat things for people, which is not only a joy for them but also for us.”                 – Kim-An Phan

“I had a lot of fun here. I make more friends, help more people, and learn about the American culture.”         – Xinran Shao

“I learned about the Emporia Community and different struggles throughout the U.S. society. I think it will be helpful to me in the future.” – Devon Boeger


 GIVE Members Fall 2011

 Getting Involved in Volunteering in Emporia members 2011-2012


Interested In Joining GIVE?

For more information about meetings and service events through GIVE in spring 2013 contact Brooke Schultz at or click here! 

 Getting Involved in Volunteering in Emporia members

For additional information about GIVE, please contact:

Brooke Schultz, GIVE Coordinator

Center for Student Involvement