Continual Community Events

Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Flint Hills

Issue Areas:  Mentoring, Youth Development

Description:  Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Flint Hills, Inc. (BBBSFH) serves children between the ages of 5 and 17 years old, in Case, Coffey, Lyon and Morris Counties. The BBBSFH program matches volunteers with children who want or need a mentor. The BBBSFH mission is to help children reach their fullest potential through professionally supported, one-to-one relationships. 

Volunteer Activities/Events:  Being a one-to-one mentor by providing a positive role model who offers support, friendship and guidance to children who come from all social, financial and ethnic backgrounds. One-to-one mentoring is a minimally 6 month commitment, where Bigs are encouraged to get together with their Littles for a minimum of 4 hours a month. Another opportunity to volunteer is for site-based programs, such as “Buzz Club and Hornet Queens”, which typically begin in the fall and end in the spring. These programs provide mentoring experience within a group setting.

Involvement Process:  Volunteers are required to go through an intake/enrollment process to determine if they are eligible to serve as a mentor. The process consists of a volunteer application, in-person interview, background checks, reference requests, and volunteer eligibility and assessment. Depending on availability, the process can take two-four weeks.

Contact Information: Andrea Landgren (Executive Director)


Phone: 620-342-5645

Address: 609 Merchant Street, Emporia

Emporia Recycling Center

Activity/Event: Help sort recyclables at the local Emporia Recycling Center.

Location: 3100 South Ave., Emporia

Contact: Tim at 620-340-6360

Emporia Youth Mentoring

 Issue Areas: Mentoring, Tutoring

Description: Youth Friends is a school-based mentoring program that connects students, teachers and schools with mentors and real-world learning experiences to promote success, encourage healthy behaviors and build stronger communities.

Volunteer Activities/Events:  Mentoring one-on-one or with a group of students. Activities to do with the kids include having lunch with them, sharing interests, tutoring, reading to a student or class, or just spending time with them. There is a one hour per week time commitment.

Involvement Process: Volunteers are required to complete an application and consent to a background screening. The application process takes about 2-8 weeks (that's how long it takes to get the results back from the background screening). There is also an interview and a 2-hour training session required.

Contact Information:  Heather Wagner (Student and Family Resources Specialist)


Phone: 620-341-2450

Address: 1700 W. 7th Ave., Emporia

Holiday Resort

Issue Area: Senior Citizen Services

Description: Holiday Resort is an adult care and rehabilitation center that provides programs designed to stimulate physical and mental abilities, and to encourage and develop a sense of usefulness and self-respect for the residents.

Volunteer Activities/Events: Any type of entertaining or educational activity with the residents, such as playing games, art activities, gardening, pen pal program, holiday activities, etc.

Involvement Process: Volunteers are required to fill out a Volunteer Personal Emergency Information form, sign a Volunteer Confidentiality Statement (HIPAA), review the Holiday Resort Volunteer Manual, and take a Holiday Resort HIPAA Quiz.

Contact Information:  Cindy Weltha

Phone: 620-343-9285 ext. 1729

Address: 2726 w 30th Ave, Emporia

Lyon County Historical Society, Archives

Issue Areas: Culture/Arts/Performance

Description: The Lyon County Historical Society focuses on preserving documents from the past and serves as a historical research provider.

Volunteer activities/events:  Filing incoming documents and archival work.

Involvement Process: Make contact to find out about ongoing and upcoming projects. Some projects are short-term and some are long-term, so time restraints may vary. There may be a training process depending on the project.

Contact Information:  Nancy Boyce

Email: or

Phone: 620-340-6320

Address: 225 East 6th Ave., Emporia

Contact Information for Lyon County Historical Museum: Greg Jordan (Executive Director)


Phone: 620-340-6312

Address: 118 East 6th Ave., Emporia

Salvation Army

Issue Areas (Facility): Education/Dropout Prevention, Hunger, Mentoring, Youth Development

Issue Areas (Thrift Store): Other (Clothing)

Description: The Salvation Army is dedicated to meeting basic human needs, utilizing a food pantry and a thrift store/inexpensive clothing. Besides physical aid, they offer special assistance including help in facing personal problems, improving family relationships, deal with problems of single parents, alcoholics, drug abusers, ex-prisoners, etc. They also offer rehabilitation centers such as in-residence programs that provide work therapy, counseling, and drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs. Programs offered by the Salvation Army include shelters, hospitals and clinics, services to people with HIV and AIDS-related illnesses, counseling, employment services, missing persons bureaus, service to the armed forces, correctional services, rehabilitation centers, social service centers, Christmas appeals, and disaster relief.

Volunteer Activities/Events: Sorting and organizing at the thrift store, organizing and stocking the food pantry, and other various events throughout the year. Special events include assembling Christmas gift and food baskets (December) and Character Building Workshops for kids (weekly).

Involvement Process: For those interested in more than 8 hours of volunteering, a background check is mandatory. However, the Salvation Army will cover the fee for that. If less than 8 hours, no background check is necessary.

Contact Information:  Suzanne Worthen-Miller (Volunteer Coordinator), Lt. Lynn S. Lopez (Corps Officer)


Phone: (620) 342-3093

Vision QUEST After School Program

Issue Areas:  At-Risk Youth, Education/Dropout Prevention, Mentoring, Tutoring, Youth Development

Description:  The Vision QUEST is designed to increase the academic, social, and emotional development of Middle School students and to assist them in meeting or exceeding state and local standards, especially in reading and math.

Volunteer Activities/Events:  Leading fun activates and projects to help the kids learn (ex. arts and crafts, running club, cooking, science, sports, games, etc).

Involvement Process:  Interested volunteers must go through a training session covering safety and rules.  Must be available during program time (3:08-4:15pm)

Website to look at: (look at the Quest calendar)

Contact Information:  Dawn Young


Phone: 620-341-2335

Address: 2300 Graphic Arts Road, Empoira  

**This is a great opportunity for Education Majors to fulfill hour requirements.**